Mozilla’s Firefox Triumphant Return


Firefox has been in the news lately after they have reported a steady decline of users until they reached an almost near-death point in August where it recorded an embarrassing user share percentage of 7.7%.  However, the browser’s user base has begun to rise as Mac owners continue to abandon Apple’s Safari. This is also a current trend for Internet Explorer and Edge in Microsoft as 23 million of these users were lost last month alone. According to the analytics vendor Net Applications, Firefox’s User Share- which is an estimate of the proportion of all computer users who ran that browser- gained a eight-tenths of a percentage point this previous month to reach a mark of 11.9%. This is the highest percentage since December 2015. In the past three months, Firefox has regained 4.2 points total.
What is causing this sudden surge of growth in its user base? Many would say that Firefox Focus- a second attempt at mobile browsing which is said to offer secure private browsing for iPhone users- is the cause. Instead of trying to beat Apple’s ability to be the hold the crown as the default browser on iOS, Mozilla went with a different approach. Merely creating the category of a “second browser” which offers no cookies or trackers. Focus also operates as a content blocker for Safari as well. With these features, Focus hopes to create a fast, simple, and secure platform for private browsing. Will Focus and the changes to Firefox provide Mozilla with a steady rise in users or is this just a short-term fix? Only time will tell.


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