Windows 10- Easy Ways to Improve Your PC’s Performance



            If you are using Windows 10 and are interested in boosting the performance of your PC without hardware modifications, there are several things one can do to achieve this. First, you should perform the simple tasks first such as updating windows and other programs, disabling unnecessary programs that run automatically at startup, checking memory, memory usage, and disk space, creating and using restore points and proper virus and malware protection and checking and protecting against malware and viruses. Corrupted files can also be a problem and should be checked frequently. Proper defragmentation should be done frequently by clicking the start button, then file explorer link, right-click local disk C:, then properties, tools, then click “optimize and defragment the drive.”

If you are using an SSD, you won’t need to do this as they don’t need fragmentation. If your computer has a less-than-ideal graphics card, turning off or limiting certain visual effects such as shadows and unnecessary animations can help tremendously. Disabling transparency effects can gain an increase in responsiveness and adds that classic look that some might like and can easily be done by right-clicking the desktop and choosing personalize, then colors, then turn off “make start, taskbar, and action center transparent.”

OneDrive is also a labor-intensive program that runs in the background that can cause sluggish system behavior. By following these guidelines and the many other tips and tricks out there for improving your PC’s performance using Windows 10, you will be able to grab every bit of speed from your aging system or make your monster high-end gaming rig even faster. I hope this information helps you and feel free to follow the link below for more information. Happy gaming!

“How to Make Windows 10 Faster” Kevin Parrish. PC Gamer. Pcgamer.com. Web. 19 Aug 2015. 10 April 2017.


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