End of Semester Wrap-Up



            Due to it being the last week of the semester, this will be my last blog for this class. Overall, I quite enjoyed my first blogging experience and can definitely see me creating more as my educational and professional career continues. I think by blogging about a subject one is knowledgeable about can further hone their skills. Blogging weekly, for example, is very important for my IT career as technology’s rate of growth is always increasing, and it is crucial for IT employees to keep up with the times. I would love to continue to blog about areas of interest to me such as new technologies and gaming. I believe I would blog even if nobody viewed them as I thoroughly take pleasure in creating them as well as enjoy the research and creativity that is included in the process. I think that a company would view a blog of a potential employee as a serious strength as long as the blog is of professional content. After all, it is what an individual does in their free time that makes them excel above the rest, and that applies to all aspects of life such as relationships, physical and mental fitness, and continuously pursuing a higher level of education. I hope you all have enjoyed my posts this semester and as always, Happy Gaming!



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