Cloud Computing Day 1

                 Hello, world. As this is week 1 of my new course on Cloud computing and governance, I shall first introduce myself. I am an Air Force Veteran where I held the position of a Munition Technician and am now in my Senior year at Bellevue University, pursuing a BS in Information Technology. Whether it is technology, fitness, or modifying and racing cars, I am passionate about everything I do. I am excited to learn more about Cloud computing in this course as Cloud computing is currently revolutionizing the world. I already know a few things about Cloud computing, such as it represents stored data on the Internet using servers, provides enhanced scalability and fault tolerance, and that there are many formats of Cloud access. Some of these formats include private Cloud solutions, where data is dedicated to you or your company and community hosting, where data is shared with specific others. Another form of Cloud access is public, where data is available to all. Many choose to go with a combination of these 3 Cloud access methods.
                One fascinating aspect of Cloud storage is its cost-saving and environmentally conscious attributes. As data is stored on the Internet via a server in another location, a user or company does not require to have access to the hardware themselves, thus reducing costs. Also, this reduces power consumption as these data centers can be located in colder regions of the world. Additionally, in the event of a disaster, data can be seamlessly transferred from one location to another, preventing data loss. While there is much I still need to learn about Cloud computing, I am looking forward to progressing through this course and sharing what I have learned with you all. Thank you for your time and as always, happy gaming!

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