Potential Problems with Cloud Computing




While Cloud computing offers many benefits to a company or organization, implanting a new cloud structure can cause numerous problems. One of the most significant areas that can cause issues is network infrastructure preparedness. This is usually due to the lack of proper Cloud training. It can be difficult to find IT personnel who are knowledgeable in the operational and developmental skills required in Cloud computing. When the Cloud infrastructure is not service-enabled, the automation of operational processes and tasks cannot be performed. Another potential problem area is managing policies. These policies secure the cloud, ensure a high level of performance, and maintain the availability of the network. Policies must be flexible so they can work on a per-project basis and be constantly updated and checked. Inter-Cloud architecture can be tricky as well, especially when dealing with hybrid Clouds. These situations can need specific data center architecture requirements
. Maintaining flexible communication through public, private, and hybrid clouds are also crucial. Finally, Cloud security is a major part of any Cloud network. While all data is potentially accessible to anyone on the network, ensuring that data does not fall into the wrong hands is very important. For this reason, a team of IT professionals skilled in Cloud computing should monitor the network, policies, and hardware, to ensure that the highest level of security possible is always obtained.


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