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As my final semester at Bellevue University is coming to an end, I will conclude my blog with a summary of what I have discussed. Since this course focused on data storage systems, I have chosen to provide an overview of different storage technologies such as NAS (Network Attached Storage), Fibre Channel (FC), and Small Computer System Interface Over IP (iSCSI). I have also provided helpful information about managing storage devices, increasing security, and creating proper environments for server rooms and data centers. I chose my topics because they provide the necessary knowledge that anyone who works with data storage systems should know. Every week I have generally used different sources to inspire my material, all deriving from the Internet. I chose to use online articles because they can provide the most up-to-date information. I found creating this blog and reading other student’s posts to be very enlightening as I have access to a wide variety of material and personal experiences. I will continue my blog even after graduation as it helps me maintain my level of intelligence about current technologies, as well as future advancements. To be a skilled IT professional, one must always be attempting to learn new information, not only during school. Thank you all for your time.  



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