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How to Change Fonts in Windows 10

First Step
Access the Font Control Panel by typing “fonts” in the Windows Search field to the right of the Start button
Select the top folder named “Fonts – Control Panel”
Second Step
Now you will see a list of available Fonts. Simply drag any TrueType Font file to the main window that contains all other installed Fonts
When you drag and drop the Font you wish to use, you will be alerted with an “installing font” message
Third Step
At this point, the selected Font is installed
To delete Fonts, you can easily choose one of the Fonts and then click delete
It is important to remember not to delete Fonts that are used by the system such as Microsoft Sans Serif and Tahoma
Fourth Step- System-Wide Changes
If you desire to make system-wide changes to Font settings, find the toolbar to the left side of the Font Control Panel
Here, for example, you can change the Font size for menus and icons
Common Issues
Corrupted Fonts can occur and may need to be deleted
If your system contains a large number of Fonts, it may slow performance
To help prevent, manage, and fix these issues and Fonts, it is recommended to install a Font management program such as NexusFont Q or Font Runner Q



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