Applying the Six-Step Troubleshooting Model Example- Internet Explorer Unable to Connect to the Internet

Applying the Six-Step Troubleshooting Model to this particular problem starts off by identifying what the problem actually is. Currently, when we open Internet Explorer, it states that it is unable to connect to the Internet; so, our problem is no internet access. We would next develop some possible causes for the issue like a network cable is unplugged, there are incorrect adjustments made to the settings on the firewall or even a browser bug. Next, we would determine if some of our theories on what the problem is are true. First, I would most likely try a Ping command in the command prompt to view packet loss and the time it takes each packet to be received. There are also websites such as www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com that allow a user to see the status of a site.
Next, I would restart the modem and ensure that all cords are plugged in; easy stuff first. I would also run Window’s Internet Repair and Diagnostic tool. Then, I would check the settings of the Internet and Security options to make sure there isn’t a problem there. If all else fails, I would restart the computer and contact the Internet provider. Once I find out what the problem is I could use one of my already developed plans to implement the fix. Once I find, for example, that the problem was in the proxy settings, I would just change it back to default or whatever the specific needs are.
Once that was completed I would need to verify that the problem has been fixed and employ preventative measures. By re-opening Internet Explorer, I could see if I have access to the Internet and set up some preventative measures to make sure an Internet connection problem doesn’t happen once again; this can be done by ensuring a secure connection for your cords, keeping up to date with virus and malware prevention software, and checking all the settings are correct in Internet options and firewalls. 

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