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      Hello and thank you for viewing my blog. I figured as I am nearing my 200th post I would properly introduce myself. My name is William Donaldson and I am currently working at Keyless Entry Remote Inc. (K.E.R.I.) in Omaha, Nebraska, as an IT and E-commerce Specialist, transitioning to the position of IT Manager. I graduated from Bellevue University earlier this year with a 3.9 GPA, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. In the past, I have also studied Electrical Engineering and Graphic Design at other colleges such as Western Connecticut State University. I served 6 years in the United States Air Force as a Munitions Technician where I was stationed at multiple stateside bases and South Korea. My father, also a Veteran of the Air Force, traveled for his career as well; this gave me the chance to live all across the United States, Germany, and England. I have a passion for all forms of technology, living an active lifestyle, cars, and most importantly, writing.
This blog started as a school project but began to take on a life of its own as I found keeping it updated with current IT news enabled me to strengthen my personal knowledge of rising trends and evolving best practices in the tech world. At the end of college, I found that although I was very proficient in my abilities as an IT professional, I had little idea of how to properly utilize them. “Shop talk,” defined as a conversation about one’s occupation or business at an informal or social occasion, is a crucial area all professions need to excel in. While college and gaining certifications can prepare you with what you need to actually do the job you are hired for, having a discussion with IT co-workers or your tech-savvy boss can still be daunting. So, this blog was designed for converting the 1’s and 0’s, so to speak, of the tech world into an easy to comprehend language. Included in this blog are multiple sections that can aid an IT professional in their career, ranging from general and advanced tech knowledge to posts about working with groups (Group Theory). I hope that reading this blog helps you as much as writing it did for me. Thank you for your time.

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