20 Questions to Ask a VOIP/Customer Service Software Company



Today, I have a meeting with both Zendesk and Freshdesk, discussing the following items. These questions should be at the cornerstone of any discussion when searching for a new VOIP/customer service software. I will further discuss and compare both company’s answers to these questions in a later post. Hope it helps!

Questions to Ask

  1. What if your software goes down?


  1. What do we need to implement- hardware/software?


  1. Physical/landline phone compatibility?


  1. Redundancy?


  1. Integration with other products?


  1. What channels do you support?


  1. How does your ticket workflow function?


  1. Do you offer escalation and prioritization?


  1. How does the software maximize productivity?


  1. Is remote access possible for help desk agents?


  1. What about a self-service (portal) for common problems?


  1. Can you track data for future improvements?


  1. What about paid possibilities (payment tracking, statistics)?


  1. Price, scalability?


  1. Examples of phone systems/services that some of your customers are using?


  1. Uptime / Downtime?


  1. Cloud-based or installed on machines?


  1. Implementation time?


  1. Training needed?


  1. Long-term vs. short-term options?



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