Freshdesk- Responses to my Questions


Per my last post, I was getting ready for a phone call with Freshdesk and prepared several questions I had concerning their product. Here is what I found out.

  1. What if your software goes down?

They have numerous backup servers in different parts of the world. If one fails, another one takes over within 5 minutes max.

  1. What do we need to implement- hardware/software?

It is cloud-based, easy to install, and remote assistance available.

  1. Physical/landline phone compatibility?

With all Freshdesk products, there is an option to have a landline added. Can also forward calls to landlines if required. However, for full functionality of recorded calls/tickets, VOIP lines are required.

  1. Redundancy?

Due to their numerous backup servers and process to quickly switch to a separate server if an error occurs as previously mentioned, their redundancy is adequate for our company.

  1. Integration with other products?

An extensive marketplace of all of the widely used products.

  1. What channels do you support?

eBay, Amazon, website (portal, feedback widget), email, phone, chat, social media, E-commerce.

  1. How does your ticket workflow function?

Numerous methods of automation available, different roles are able to be set up including observer, agent, admin, can add/merge tags, attach multiple files with tickets, emails, and chats converted to tickets.

  1. Do you offer escalation and prioritization?

Yes, can set up agreements with different brands under one company or even in internal departments, can set to be based on priority, SLA reminders. Categorize, prioritize and assign tickets based on your business requirements. For example, route queries/issues to the respective departments for specialized support. Improve Agent productivity by automating tasks, triggering alerts, and events through rules and scenario automation.

  1. How does the software maximize productivity?

Increase available channels and methods to contact agents, ticket deflection using the self-portal and FAQ, canned forms, ticket automation, scoring mechanics in support (similar to a video game), extended functionality using apps, clear bottlenecks, multiple actions with one click. Automation not only saves time but also helps avoid errors. Shift agent focus from mundane and repetitive tasks to providing an excellent customer experience.

  1. Is remote access possible for help desk agents?

Accessible on all mobile devices.

  1. What about a self-service (portal) for common problems?

Yes, a self-service experience that supports your brand and improves customer satisfaction, allows for creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge without agent’s aid.

  1. Can you track data for future improvements?

Create dashboards as unique as your support, track ticket lifecycles, team workload, customer satisfaction ratings, compare related metrics and find quick solutions to common helpdesk issues, monitor performance and quickly identify things like groups with the most pending requests, or overloaded agents to step in early and avoid escalations. Multiple methods of customer satisfaction tracking.

What about paid possibilities (payment tracking, statistics)?

Extensive tracking possibilities, graphs, metrics, Google analytics, FreshBooks.

  1. Price, scalability?

Extremely scalable, Freshdesk has 5 plans which range in price from $0 to $99 per agent per month.

  1. Uptime / Downtime?

99.8% Availability- No major downtimes ever reported.

  1. Cloud-based or installed on machines?


  1. Implementation time?

Quick, since it is cloud-based.

  1. Training needed?

Assistance in setting up systems available.

  1. Long term vs. short term options?

Per-month pricing.


Content and Image- Zendesk. 19 Oct 2018. Retrieved from https://www.zendesk.com.


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