Zendesk- Responses to my Questions


Per a prior post, I was getting ready for a phone call with Zendesk and prepared several questions I had concerning their product. Here is what I found out.

Let me first start out by stating that I got to speak with the actual head of the account that will work with our company; this was a very different and positive experience than with other meetings I have had. Additionally, during the live presentation, Zendesk showed me how calls work within the system, and called Burk Macklin of the FBI. If you do not know who that is, it was a character that Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) plays on the TV show, Parks and Recreation. There was also a call from a person named “Young Larry David.” Needless to say, I laughed very hard and the whole software system seemed a tad bit more human, if that makes sense (even though they misspelled Burt).


Questions to Ask

  1. What if your software goes down?

99.6% uptime, high availability, really just depends on your own ISP.

  1. What do we need to implement- hardware/software?

Browser-based, VOIP phones, 80-90% of customers use browser-based.

  1. Physical/landline phone compatibility?

There is an option to have a landline added. Can also forward calls to landlines if required. However, for full functionality of recorded calls/tickets, VOIP lines are required. PBX.

  1. Redundancy?

Zendesk servers are hosted at Tier IV or III+, SSAE-16, PCI DSS, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities. Security Team is on call 24/7 to respond to security alerts and events.

  1. Integration with other products?

Over 700 apps.

  1. What channels do you support?

Omnichannel support- web, email, voice, chat. Seamless integration.

  1. How does your ticket workflow function?

Improve Agent productivity by automating tasks, triggering alerts, and events through rules and scenario automation.

  1. Do you offer escalation and prioritization?

Tickets can set to be based on priority, SLA reminders. Categorize, prioritize and assign tickets based on your business requirements.

  1. How does the software maximize productivity?

Auto-create tickets, shows customer’s info on calls, allows different agents to “barge” into the call answering difficult questions, prioritization. Use automation to increase support efficiencies, forums to enable your customers to help themselves, integrations with business-critical apps to extend functionality, and reports to track customer satisfaction. Save on average 1-2 minutes per ticket.

  1. Is remote access possible for help desk agents?

Yes, advanced remote helpdesk possibilities. Alerts, email, chat, voice, all on the go.

  1. What about a self-service (portal) for common problems?

Customizable help screen which allows customers to search for info on their own, as well as request for a callback.

  1. Can you track data for future improvements?

Call time, frequency, success rate all tracked, along with a wide variety of other helpful data.

  1. What about paid possibilities (payment tracking, statistics)?

Extensive ticket metrics, time data, surveys, and timeline filters.

  1. Price, scalability?

Zendesk Suite plans starting at $89 per month, per seat, Zendesk Talk starts from free-$89 as well. Optimal scalability, no changes from 1-5000 agents (only bandwidth).

  1. Examples of phone systems/services that some of their current customers are using?

Zendesk personally uses and recommends products by 8×8.

  1. Uptime / Downtime?

99.6% uptime.

  1. Cloud-based or installed on machines? 


  1. Implementation time?

Quick, since it is cloud-based.

  1. Training needed?

Assistance in setting up systems available. 

  1. Long term vs. short term options?

Annual plans


Having ‘met’ with both  Zendesk and Freshdesk, I will now discuss my findings with my company at our next meeting on Wednesday. Personally, I am leaning more toward Zendesk due to their easy-to-use and very professionally built software. Also, their sense of humor during the meeting was very welcoming and talked me through every component of their Customer Service Software. We will just have to see what my company decides.


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