Salesforce Service Cloud- Responses to my Questions

unnamed.jpgWanting to get another option for my company’s search for a customer service/phone software, I decided to apply the same questions I had for Freshdesk and Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud. Here is what I found out.


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Questions to Ask

  1. What if your software goes down?

99.9% uptime, high availability, all comes down to your ISP.

  1. What do we need to implement- hardware/software?

Cloud-based. Every organization needs one Service Cloud license at a minimum. Field technicians/dispatchers need a Field Service Lightning license.

  1. Physical/landline phone compatibility?

There is an option to have a landline added via CTI Integration if it is a mid-high-end phone system. Can also forward calls to landlines if required. However, for full functionality of recorded calls/tickets, VOIP lines are necessary.

  1. Redundancy?

Since it is cloud-based, multiple different servers are used, increasing redundancy. Physical security of each facility rivals the best civilian data centers. Encrypts data transmissions using SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 global step-up credentials from VeriSign. Uses border firewalls/edge routers. Internal firewalls to isolate traffic.

Multifaceted method to defend data, continually monitoring and improving our systems, application, and processes to defend the integrity/availability of the info that is essential to business operations.

  1. Integration with other products?

With the Salesforce Platform, you can combine different systems, such as data that exists in external ERP, HR, Supply Chain, or on-premises software like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. Our strong tools and authoritative APIs vividly reduces integration time to answer and update back-office systems. An extensive list of apps and the ability to create them- without coding. AppExchange- the Salesforce store.

  1. What channels do you support?

Efficiently manage distributors, affiliates, resellers, and more, all in one place. Omnichannel support- web, email, voice, chat. Seamless integration.

  1. How does your ticket workflow function?

Improve agent productivity by automating tasks, triggering alerts, and events through rules and scenario automation. Put production tools like keyboard shortcuts, macros, and ready-to-use templates in your agent’s toolbox. Complete tickets quicker by merging streamlined processes with easy access to the full context, details, and history of all cases/customer interaction.

  1. Do you offer escalation and prioritization?

Tickets can set to be based on priority, SLA reminders. Categorize, prioritize and assign tickets based on your business requirements. Modify/automate any service/approval process with drag-and-drop simplicity using Lightning Flow. Power your team and business with prebuilt dashboards/apps/AI insights/predictions.

  1. How does the software maximize productivity?

With elements such as skills-based routing, email to case, macros, and milestone tracking, Service Cloud provides agents the instruments to rapidly and proficiently reply to customers on any channel. Agents possess a reorganized, instinctive experience that gives them a 360-degree view of your customers, a broad knowledge base, and access to experts. Whole organization can gather understandings from case history or help deliver technical skill that answers a common service inquiry.

  1. Is remote access possible for help desk agents?

Service for Apps, which allows you to implant customer support straight into your apps. Live agent video chat, on-screen guided assistance, screen sharing. Take customer service even further with Community Cloud. Self-service communities are reactive on any device, meaning you can generate a single branded community where customers can appreciate the same all-in-one experience to discover the solutions they require from a mobile device rapidly. With the Salesforce mobile application, customer support managers can view the information and awareness they require right from their mobile device to make knowledgeable, real-time changes.

  1. What about a self-service (portal) for common problems?

Customizable help screen which allows customers to search for info on their own, as well as request for a callback. Make the responses simple for customers to locate on their own with Salesforce Knowledge. With an information base that’s implanted right in the console, agents can distribute the correct responses to customers, effortlessly. They can even share articles on all channels or mobile devices with just one click.

  1. Can you track data for future improvements?

With Salesforce’s customizable reports and dashboards, you can track and view your service metrics and monitor important performance indicators that are significant to your business, whether it’s the customer satisfaction score or normal call time. Dashboards provide exceptional visibility at a glimpse, and customizable reports give detailed data on the performance of your customer engagement center, help desk, or call center. Making your reports and dashboards easy and there’s no necessity to wait for encumbered IT resources.

  1. What about paid possibilities (payment tracking, statistics)?

Extensive ticket metrics, time data, surveys, timeline filters. Get answers to main business inquiries, including what happened, why it happened, what could happen, and what to do about it. Einstein Discovery examines millions of data combinations in a very short timeframe. Einstein also exposes underlying explanations behind data patterns and forecasts what’s trending next. Deliver modified service with analytical CSAT based on current Salesforce information and trends. Employees can stay ahead of business worries by classifying product problems, customer issues, and prevent risks with predictive insights. Resolve issues sooner with predictive case fields and recommendations for the next top actions.

  1. Price, scalability?

Salesforce Essentials- $25/month per 5 users, Lighting Professional- $75/month per any # of users, Lightning Enterprise- $150/month any # of users, Lightning Unlimited $300/month any # of users.

There is an assortment of methods to modify Service Cloud, and will work with you to shape a comprehensive CRM customer service solution that meets your business needs, is scalable, and enables you to innovate. Service Cloud Enterprise Edition is a complete solution that delivers the Lightning Console, call scripting, a multichannel view of cases, CTI integration, data organization, developer utensils, and more. With Unlimited Edition, you’ll receive admittance to limitless online training, 24/7 toll-free support, and over 100 admin amenities. You can make the most of performance across service and sales with Performance Edition- a completely integrated sales and service solution constructed on the Salesforce platform.

  1. Examples of phone systems/services that some of their current customers are using?

Tons of VOIP phones work with Salesforce, including 8×8.

  1. Uptime / Downtime?

99.9% uptime

  1. Cloud-based or installed on machines?


  1. Implementation time?

Quick, since it is cloud-based.

  1. Training needed?

Assistance in setting up systems available.

  1. Long term vs. short term options?

Monthly Plans, upgrade anytime.


Content and Image from Salesforce. 24 Oct 2018. Retrieved from https://www.salesforce.com/products/service-cloud


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