IT Install Plan- What is Needed?

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In the early stages of a new IT network and hardware install, planning is vital to ensure the success of the operation. Everything from the amount and type of wire you need to the optimal placement of Wi-Fi routers needs to be researched, planned, and correctly executed. Here are a few hardware lists that illustrate just how detailed the process is. In these images, you have an example of what your boss will need to determine a rough estimate of the cost of the materials for the installation of network equipment.

With this information, you can then submit the total cost to other companies to determine if they can beat your price. Often, items found on Amazon and other websites are far less expensive than if you go with the materials of a third-party organization who specializes in IT installs. However, buying in bulk or using business accounts can generally lower prices, substantially. Pro Tip: It is always a good idea to go to your boss with multiple bids and quotes.

Another thing to remember is the installation of these items. Although having a different company who specializes in IT installs might lessen your workload, the little things of the install always stress me out. For instance, color-coded cables and labeled wall plates make a world of difference. Additionally, taking pictures during each step of the process helps fellow IT team members diagnose and troubleshoot issues down the road.

Figuring out which direction you wish to go, whether it is purchasing and installing items yourself or having a third-party do it, depends on many contributing factors. The cost of the items, the time it will take to install them, the length of time you have before moving to the new network or location, the skill of your team members, the availability of third-party IT install companies, and the performance needs of your new network, all need to be considered. It is vital that you do not rush this stage of the process. Even the most state-of-the-art network equipment is nothing without proper infrastructure.


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