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As mentioned before in previous posts, my company is preparing to upgrade our customer service software to Zendesk Talk. As I am the lead for the project, I will be shadowing a few customer service agents next week to determine which areas they need the most assistance, how I will begin implementation of the new software, as well as obtain a general understanding of how they do their job on a daily basis. For my preparation, I have created a form outlining what features the new software has, how it will make their job easier, and most importantly, how our customer service department as a whole will be both streamlined and advanced due to the changes. Included in this overview are screenshots of the actual product, which will hopefully give them a modest first introduction to the product.

I plan on handing out a packet containing this material to each customer service agent for them to review on their own. After my time shadowing is over, I will hand out forms asking them which of our current older methods need fixing or tuning, which improvements they feel are necessary for the first phase of the install, and any other suggestions they have. The content below is a sample of this packet, most of which is obtained directly from Zendesk. Hopefully, this will provide some helpful information for you in your similar projects.


Local and toll-free numbers: Select a toll-free or local number from over 40 countries or port in an existing number.

Inbound and outbound calling: Limitless incoming customer calls. Follow up/provide proactive outbound call support.

Unlimited concurrent calls: Make/receive unlimited simultaneous calls to support multiple conversations using one phone number.

Voicemail: Permit customers to leave voicemails that produce tickets with elective transcriptions. Generate custom prompts/workflows for speedy follow-up/resolution.

Modified Triggers and workflows guarantee every voicemail gets to the correct individuals and are replied to quickly.


Automatic transcription

Voluntary automatic transcription makes it efficient to organize and answer voicemails. Clients can leave voicemails that automatically produce tickets and unpaid records.


Customized greetings: Zendesk Talk permits you to create custom-made recordings for customers, adding a private touch to the phone support experience. Greet customers with branded or localized messages that are suitable to the support problems, department, or location. Offer branded or localized experiences with numerous greetings for different brands, departments, and phone numbers. Record new messages or upload current audio files for voicemail greetings, available agents, wait, hold and IVR messages.


Get customers the help they need

Zendesk Talk contains IVR software so you can make it simple for the customer to converse with the correct people/self-service options.


Making and taking calls


Receive and make calls in the Zendesk browser, without any added phone hardware/equipment and no switching to and from programs/equipment. Now, agents can do everything; browse customer history, read knowledge base articles, and take/make calls in a single location.

Quick support, satisfied customers


Automatic ticket formation, complete customer history, and call recording let agents concentrate on fixing issues and moving onto the next customer.

Personalized support

Zendesk user profiles provide phone support agents customer data, such as purchase history, open tickets, etc.


Decrease wait times


Forward to phone

Be available to your customers, no matter your location

Zendesk Talk makes it simple to forward calls to any phone.

Advancing calls to an outside number and providing agents the flexibility to take calls from mobile phones or landlines.

Group routing

Command calls to the correct groups in Zendesk, guaranteeing customers always connect with the right agent.


Get customers the assistance they require


Automatic ticket creation

The time expended logging info in-between customer calls is a vital metric for phone support. Taking too much time can mean extended wait times for customers, but rushing can lead to lost significant details. Automatic ticket creation gives agents an advantage by making sure vital information is taken, thus dropping the time agents spend writing notes.

Zendesk automatically turns calls/voicemails into tickets for easy record keeping and issue resolution.

Answer in your browser


Personalized support

Zendesk user profiles provide phone support agents customer data such as open tickets, purchase history, and more.

Automatic transcription

Optional automatic transcription makes it simple to comb through and respond to voicemails.


Warm transfer

Warm transfer allows agents to converse with a new agent before forwarding the call, ensuring that the receiving agent is accessible and prepared to assist. 

Call control

Zendesk Talk places the control in the agents’ hands via call control. When agents want to turn to other agents or retrieve data they can mute/unmute calls, or place customers on hold until they have what they require to fix the issue.

Mute and unmute as needed via the call console. Put a caller on hold via the call console to check with another agent or find other information.

Customers desire that their issues are fixed and generally aren’t interested in the specifics of how it was solved. Call control allows agents to speak freely with other agents while the customer is muted.

Automatic ticket creation

For trouble-free record keeping/issue resolution, Zendesk Talk automatically converts calls and voicemails into tickets

Call recording

Record inbound/outbound calls for quick referencing, troubleshooting, and QA.

Routing and queueing calls

IVR systems

Distribute improved service with IVR Software

With Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology from Zendesk Voice, directing customers to the correct agent or department in your call center and providing recorded responses for frequently asked questions is straightforward. Effortlessly make a menu with options that callers can select through keypresses and route to agent groups, voicemail, external numbers or even other IVR menus.

Streamline call routing

Connect your customers to the correct agents in your call center to limit wait time and boost efficiency.


Avert frequently asked questions with pre-recorded greetings for FAQs like hours/promotions, thus saving everyone time.


Create an IVR system via the Zendesk browser. Upload/record greetings, create menus, and make changes to modify your customer’s experiences.

Group routing

Group routing directs calls to specified groups or a collection of groups in Zendesk so that callers are linked with the correct agent.

Round-robin routing

Ensure that calls are always directed to an obtainable agent instead of being misplaced or sent to voicemail. Calls will be evenly distributed among support team members.

Call queues

Set a max wait time/queue size to figure out how many incoming callers will be kept waiting for an obtainable agent. New calls that surpass the limits are sent to voicemail.

Business hours

Outline business hours to let customers know your phone support availability. Calls received outside of business hours are referred to voicemail.

Callback from queue

Let customers request a callback as an alternative to waiting in a queue for a live agent.

Overflow and after-hours routing

Route incoming calls when agents are busy or after hours to an alternative phone number, making sure that callers can always join a live agent.


Text support- choose a toll-free or local number.

Inbound SMS

Receive and respond to incoming customers text (SMS) messages. Inbound texts automatically generate tickets, and agent replies are sent (as texts).

Inbound MMS

Receive inbound MMS so customers can send you photos.

Outbound SMS

Send texts in reply to your customers’ texts or generate tickets to send outbound texts using triggers/notifications.

SMS notifications

Use prompts to automatically send SMS notices to customers/agents created by tickets.

Workflow support

Time-saving tools like triggers, macros, and automation so you can effortlessly scale up your text support.

Reporting and views

Using ticket-level reporting, you can manage text support like never before.

Reporting and monitoring

Know what’s happening while it’s happening.

Even with the challenges you face every day, with an adaptable team of agents, intelligent management, and current snapshots of support team performance, it’s easier than ever to deliver excellent customer service.

Supports real-time decisions using real-time call data. Cooperative dashboards crunch team data, including wait time, hold time, and abandoned calls.


Metrics like hold time, wait time, and dropped calls are easily viewable and stored, allowing you to make changes throughout the day to improve.


Give your customers the help they need


Understand when it’s time to bring in additional agents, direct callers to other channels, or make better use of self-service options.


With advanced analytics, Zendesk Talk provides you with an excellent view of your support team’s performance.

Never stop improving

Advanced analytics enables tracking and measuring the most important metrics and communicating to support managers in easy-to-read charts.

Past data is a valued asset for long-term scheduling.


Experiment with confidence

Advanced analytics is not only there to help you identify bottlenecks and other confusing issues, but further understand their root cause and create solutions.


Benchmark agents

Call monitoring and barging

Advance the customer and agent experience with monitoring calls.

Call monitoring or call listening is the practice of monitoring ongoing support calls to train new agents, ensure quality assurance, and gain customer feedback. With call monitoring tools from Zendesk Talk, managers and supervisors can listen to ongoing calls in real-time without alerting agents or customers. This call monitoring software allows the team to decrease agent ramp time, adhere to quality standards, and deliver higher quality, more consistent customer experience.



Content and Images by Zendesk. (2019). Zendesk Talk. Retrieved from


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