Customer Service Questionnaire: Software Implementation


As I previously mentioned in my post, Zendesk Talk Overview, I was going to create a short questionnaire to be handed out to our customer service agents after I shadow them next week. The goal is to be able to determine which areas they need the most assistance, how I will begin implementation of the new software, as well as obtain a general understanding of how they perform their job on a daily basis.

Below is a collection of questions that need to be answered, data that needs to be retrieved, and other areas that need to be researched prior to implementing Zendesk or any other customer service software you may be using. Hope it helps!

Initial Questions (before introduction to the software) 

How do users get in contact with your team?

What happens once the request is resolved?

How do they measure their performance?

What metrics do you currently track? (if any)

What do customers complain about in their interactions?

What slows down resolving tickets?

How many users/seats do we currently have/intend to have at launch?

What features we would like to see in a new customer service software?

Detailed Questions (after introduction to the software)

Available Channels

Email, Talk, Text, Chat, Twitter, Facebook

Which channels are most commonly used?

Which agents are assigned to them?

Apps and Integrations- 500+ Options

What do we use currently? What do we want to use?

For example, MailChimp.

Predefined Responses

What predefined responses do you want?

What are the most common tickets?

What are the most common responses?

For example, when a customer asks if we ship to a particular country, say the UK, you would type /UK, and the message, ‘We do ship in the UK. It is a $19.95 flat rate and usually takes between 5-7 business days’” would be displayed for you.

Transferring Tickets/Calls

Who is the lead for each department/website?

What are each agent’s skill level, presence, and workload?

This information is used when a customer asks something that an agent doesn’t know, he or she can transfer it to another agent. Additionally, a manager can ‘barge’ into the call, without the customer knowing (for training, QA).

Tags and Priority

What are most common tags we may use for tickets?

For instance, for a ticket concerning an overseas shipping issue on a GM remote, we would designate the ticket with the following tags, ‘GM,’ “Overseas,’ ‘Shipping Issue.’


What triggers should we use?

Triggers act as methods to classify and route tickets through searching for keywords. For example, say a customer sends an email asking about a discounted item. By setting the trigger, ‘Discount mentions,’ the ticket will automatically be sent to the right department/agent. Additionally, triggers can set the ticket’s priority to the highest setting, this is helpful, for example, if you set a trigger for explicit words (they should probably be resolved ASAP).

Proactive Tickets

What possible events can happen that might need proactive tickets?

For example, say a popular product suddenly develops an issue and will affect multiple customers. To prepare for the onslaught of customer complaints, you can use the Proactive Tickets App to select impacted customers from 1/28 (Jan 28), name the campaign (backorder), and create a proactive ticket to tell the customers affected about the problem automatically. With this ticket, you can set priority, indicate the type, status, group/assignee, and tags.

Metrics and Data

What parameters and data would managers like to be able to view?

Call times, solved tickets, customer ratings, response time, sales numbers?

Embedded support

On the company website, we can add a widget allowing customers to place a call, start a chat, or search for help.

Where do we want it?

What features will we want to enable?

Help Center

Also known as an FAQ database, customers will be able to help themselves.

What are our most FAQs?

Answer Bot

Similar to the Help Center, Answer Bot is an AI-powered support feature that will provide customers with help center articles while they wait for an agent.


Where do we want it?

When do we want it activated?

Zendesk Talk

How do you wish to answer calls? Browser + headset or browser + VoIP phone?

Additional Thoughts, Concerns, Ideas

Feel free to speak your mind.


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