Zendesk Support: Initial Schedule


Out of all the extensive features and sections that Zendesk, a customer support software, has to offer, my company will be starting with Zendesk Support. Zendesk Support is an effective system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. While separating the full Zendesk Suite install and implementation into segments makes this project more manageable, many of the fields and options required for each additional Zendesk module need to be addressed in this initial stage. So, I created a basic schedule for how I will set up Zendesk Support, as long with creating the necessary framework for future expansions. The goal of this stage of Zendesk Suite’s implementation is to provide our customer service agents a single platform to communicate with our customers on the various channels we use (email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, HubSpot, eBay, Amazon, and through our four websites). The following is merely a first draft of the final schedule, intended to provide a general understanding of the workload that will be involved.

Blog 1.JPGBlog 2.JPGblog 1.JPG

Image by Zendesk. (2019).  Zendesk Support. Retrieved from


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