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Projects: My Other Websites

In addition to creating and managing this blog, I also have two other websites that I am in the process of building, Exercise Your Demon (fitness, nutrition, spirituality) and Simplicated (my little sister’s band).




Exercise Your Demon focuses on using the hardships we face as fuel in the goal of excelling in life, whether it is fitness, success in the workplace, or general happiness. While the website is in its very early stages, I created it to be used as an outlet for my wife when she starts her career as a stay at home mom (hardest job in the world).




Simplicated, just launched yesterday, is a website for my sister’s rock/blues cover band; I’ve only spent an hour or two designing it, so don’t judge me too hard! In the future, I plan on adding an e-commerce store for selling branded merchandise, as well as adding (and integrating) additional social media outlets.

As website development is beginning to become an enjoyable (and profitable) side-job, I hope these new additions to my web dev resume open up some doors for more projects in the future.

Feel free to check them both out and let me know what you think!


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