Zendesk: It’s Alive!


This week, our new CSM (Customer Service Management) software, Zendesk, was soft-launched. In typical fashion, our old CSM decided to fail at pretty much the same time, vastly speeding up our initial launch date. This project has been quite an endeavor for the past few months, having experienced several hurdles and implementation issues. However, as I gaze upon the system auto-answering emails, opening up tickets, and providing our customer service agents one single browser window to respond to our multiple channels, I can’t help having a somewhat of a proud dad moment.

In the past, our agents have had to have numerous tabs open in their browsers, practically filling up their two computer screens. Amazon, eBay, our four brand’s websites, Solid Commerce, HubSpot, Gmail, our phone system, along with a seemingly endless amount of additional resources, all had to be used when responding to customer emails, phone calls, and orders. Furthermore, we had no access to any form of data or metrics, such as a specific agent’s call volumes, average call length, or even be able to assign tasks/brands to individual agents (all agents signed in to a single customer service username).

After many weeks of building Zendesk to include helpful macros, automations, triggers, attaching our many Gmail addresses (too many to count), grouping our agents based on skills, roles, and workload, linking our social media accounts, installing apps, and designing what each agent will see when he or she uses Zendesk, I can now finally breathe as it is ready to go live.

This achievement couldn’t have happened at a better time, as I still have to train our agents on the new CSM and my baby boy is due any day now. Hopefully, our agents will now have the tools they need to excel in all areas of customer service, in the goal of providing our customers with the level of interaction they deserve. Through the immense amount of information I have learned during this project, I believe I might as well grab one of the certifications Zendesk offers, Zendesk Support Administrator; the exam itself is $350, but let’s see if I can get the company to cover it.

I hope my many posts about Zendesk have helped you in some way, whether using Zendesk or any other CSM. Thanks for reading and expect a full review of Zendesk Support shortly.


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