Zendesk: Issue/Improvement Form

For any CSM (Customer Service Manager) software, the design and building phase never truly ends. New problems arise, agents notice areas that need improvement, and new software updates get released that require further fine-tuning. So, in the goal to provide my company’s customer service agents/managers with a simple and effective medium to voice their thoughts and opinions, I have created two Google Docs. Below, explanations and the general format of these Docs are provided.

The first Doc will be used by our Zendesk Admins to both address potential issues/areas of improvement and assign them to a specific Admin. I have also included a general timeline of when the task should be completed.

capture 2.JPG

The second Doc will be used primarily by our agents to report problems and offer their insights on the software.Capture.JPG

With the use of these two Google Docs, I can ensure that our CSM will be constantly updated, debugged, and provide our customer’s the help they require.


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