Zendesk: How to Use Apps in Tickets

christian-wiediger-626857-unsplash.jpgZendesk has over 500 awesome apps. In this demo, I will describe how to use the two apps I currently have, Google Hangouts and ChannelReply.

To access the app menu within a ticket, simply navigate to the upper-right corner of your screen, shown below.ada

Next, the app pop-out window will display, as shown below; this is where you will find both the Google Hangout and ChannelReply app.rer.jpg

Google Hangouts

Using Google Hangouts is quite simple and can be an effective tool. By clicking the following image:


You will be able to add other agents to a chat window. From here, you may collaborate with others on the same ticket, ask questions, and even share images.


ChannelReply is the app we use to communicate with eBay and Amazon, from within Zendesk. The in-ticket app is handy for situations where you need to view additional info or when you are having difficulty responding to an eBay or Amazon message directly through a Zendesk ticket.

Currently, on Amazon, it’s only possible to reply to Amazon buyer messages sent through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. Other Amazon messages (such as Amazon Answers) can’t be answered from an external source.

On eBay, it’s possible to answer buyer messages and reply to / interact with Resolution Center messages, including inquiries, cases, and returns. Just note that with Resolution Center cases and returns, it’s usually necessary to include any message as a comment in the ChannelReply app rather than as a standard reply. To access the ChannelReply app within a ticket, follow the same steps as mentioned above to view the app menu within a ticket.

Replying Via In-Ticket App

The option to submit a reply via the in-ticket app is only available on eBay Resolution Center Support (inquiry/case/return) notifications generated by ChannelReply. I’ve attached some screenshots showing the sort of options that may be available to you, including an example of the comment fields. aefgeg.jpg



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