Creating a CSM (Customer Service Manager) Go-Live Checklist


As our new CSM software will officially go live tomorrow (agents working in it), I have begun compiling a checklist of things to do before and after, to better prepare for the event. In my time building out the many triggers, integrations, automations, macros, and adding my company’s seemingly endless number of websites and emails, there have been numerous features and settings that I have postponed until the actual launch date. So, with this post, I wanted to share what I have planned for today, in my final pre-live hours.

  1. Disable Legacy Systems

The first step I am taking is to disable the current CSM systems, such as Freshdesk. Also, within our many Gmail addresses, I will disable the forwarding to Freshdesk function. It is important to note that this step should only be taken if your new CSM is completely battle-ready. Also, informing all agents and employees of this action, before and after, is an excellent idea.

  1. Turn on Go Live Triggers and Automations

As mentioned before, I have built around 75 macros (pre-defined responses) for CS (customer service) agents to use when answering tickets. Of the 75, only 15 will be utilized at the start, ensuring that our agent’s first introduction to the new software is as simple as possible. For triggers (which automatically take action when a ticket is created or updated), I have 45, 25 of which are currently active. It is essential to know which triggers you and your agents desire at launch, and which will merely complicate things. For example, a trigger that searches for tickets sent to a specific brand’s email address, and then groups it by that brand, add tags to the ticket, and then forwards that ticket to the right agents is quite vital to the success of the platform. However, a trigger like the Out of Office trigger I created to allow agents to mark themselves as unavailable, was replaced with an app, thus rendering the trigger obsolete.

  1. 3. Clear All Tickets @ 6 PM on 2/28

Having a cut-off date for when you will instruct your agents to stop using your legacy systems, (Freshdesk and Gmail in our case), will allow you to close all current tickets within your new CSM, giving agents a blank slate to work with. As our new CSM has been somewhat ‘live,’ for the past few weeks, although no agents have been working in it, a significant number of tickets have accumulated. Marking all tickets as solved at the right time is critical to the success of your agents on launch day.

  1. Send Test Email to Each Group, Have the Agents “Take It” and Respond

As an added layer testing, I will send out multiple emails, hitting all of the triggers I have created to ensure all tickets get established in the proper groups. Then, each agent will be tasked with assigning one of the tickets to themselves, creating a response, and then finally submitting them as solved; not only does this action help further prepare CS agents, it also shows that everything was working at the start of the launch, and any CSM related issues (things I created) they then face, will be probably due to user error.

  1. Confirm with CS; Go-Live Date is 03/01

Finally, maintain proper communication between app departments, including customer service. Everyone should be aware of the cut-off date for legacy CSM systems, as well as the go-live date for the new. The launch day will more than likely pretty stressful as problems will arise, and your agents will require your services. Be ready to be readily available as much as possible.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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