Zendesk Live: Agent Training Complete


I believe today was a success! All CS agents seemed to adapt well to the switch to Zendesk; that being said, several things were brought to my attention that needed work. So, listed below, are the changes I have made after today’s Zendesk launch.

  • Came across several tickets regarding shipping questions. So, I created the group, Shipping.
  • Created the view, Shipping.
  • Created triggers to route shipping tickets to the group Shipping (will need additional work as we go to better search for shipping related tickets).
  • Created a trigger to route all tickets regarding Negative and Neutral Feedback to CS Managers.
  • Created a trigger to route all eBay: Please Leave Me Feedback tickets to CS Managers.
  • Added Alisha to all CS groups (Find My Remote, Programming, Return & Exchange) so she can reassign tickets that come into WBKF that do not apply to her.
  • Turned off the Time Tracking App for initial launch (will activate later).
  • Edited all active and inactive macros, so they do not automatically change the subject text.
  • Edited all active and inactive macros, so they do not assign the tickets to a group instead of the assignee that the user desires to use.
  • Created the trigger, Inform Chris of a New Ticket Assigned to Him.
  • Created the trigger, Auto-Assign Tech@ Coupon Emails to Chris.

As the days go on, I will want to stay in constant communication with CS to ensure that their transition is as seamless as possible. I may want to start activating more of the macros I have created, add more groups, and continue to minimize the number of Suspended tickets.

I am glad to report that as of 6 PM yesterday, there have only been two unassigned tickets, which is quite the improvement (yesterday, we had around 50% unassigned).

Hopefully, CS will utilize the Google Doc I created to report any necessary changes, issues, and improvements, but overall, I am thoroughly pleased with the results.



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