Zendesk: 5-Day Report


Today, I am preparing for a meeting to showcase what I have accomplished with our new CSM, Zendesk; as it has only been live for five days, I will have to make the most out of the small amount of data that I have. In this post, I have combined several of the resources I plan to use in the meeting, including graphs, pie charts, metrics, as well as a detailed log of all changes I have made since we went live.

5-Day Overview

In the following images, I have included information regarding ticket sources, assignee/group/agent activity, and solved/unsolved tickets. My original plan was to make full use of the reporting software within Zendesk to fully explain each minute detail of the operation and success of the software, but I decided on trying to keep it minimized to only meeting-specific information.

This time last week, the CSM had around 51% unassigned tickets, but through countless hours of fine tuning, that number is now 0.4%; to clarify what this means, tickets are automatically routed and sent to the appropriate group, agent, or brand.

Unassigned Tickets Last Week: 51%

Unassigned Tickets This Week: 0.4%

Finally, I will share with my team my change-log of my edits, improvements, and troubleshooting of Zendesk since it went live.



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