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Time sure does fly when you are busy. We are now less than a month away from moving to our larger location! With this building upgrade, an entirely new and updated IT infrastructure will be constructed, consisting of new hardware, software, vendors, and procedures. With any project, creating a detailed and thorough schedule can lessen the initial stress involved, ensure that each task is completed, boost accountability, and help the project stay under budget (unplanned/surprise tasks/problems can be quite costly).

For more information/help, check out my post, Tips for Creating an Effective Project Schedule.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with our team to go over everything in this list, add additional items, as well as include dates for each task.

Note: this schedule (pictured above), is more of a top-down view of the project, leaving an extensive amount of room to further identify and list each individual task under the main objectives that are shown.

Hope it helps!


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