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IT Move Schedule v.2

After meeting with our IT team, I have further expanded the previous IT Move Schedule to include detailed tasks for each step of the process. While adding dates and additional objectives to this schedule will be an ongoing project, I feel that what we came up with is a great introduction to the type of workload we will be enduring.

Planning for 8-hour days, allowing 5-hours for labor, an hour for lunch, and 2-hours for setup/research, it is safe to say that we will be working some weekends to get this IT build done on time.

Why is it essential to create a schedule for any IT-related project?

Along with the massive workload involved with this project, numerous variables can turn one of the tasks in this schedule from simple, to chaotic. While we may be able to control our personnel, we will have little to no control over the various vendors we are using. Want to get the server rack installed on Friday? Well, the flooring install for that area got postponed. Need to start programming the switches? Let’s hope our ISP can do what they need to do before that happens. With any project, what can go wrong, probably will; due to this, proper planning of every possible situation that can occur is an excellent method for managing your project, the right way.


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