Zendesk/Facebook Communication Issues


Today, I had a few questions regarding our Zendesk and Facebook integration. When responding to Facebook comments on a post, it seemed that our responses were not added to the customer’s original comment, they were merely submitted as a general comment on the post. In other words, say one of our company’s posts had 20 different customer comments; with the way it was working, we couldn’t respond to each customer’s feedback with a specific response. If we responded to a comment from Zendesk, it just got loosely added to the post; having it this way made it difficult for customers to know who we were talking to.

Also, the other day when we responded to a Facebook ticket within Zendesk, it sent a private Facebook message to the customer instead of a response to their comment on the wall post. So, even though the customer’s question was responded to privately, it looked like they were ignored on the wall.

The Solution

After some research and testing, I believe I found the issue; I had “Comments on a Post are added to the same ticket” selected, thinking that would only apply to the same customer’s responses and not those from different users. Initially, I had this option disabled to reduce the number of incoming Facebook tickets we were receiving. Instead of having a new ticket created for each individual Facebook comment on a post, I thought it was best to have a single ticket containing all the responses; however, this unfortunately applied to all comments from multiple customers.

After correcting my mistake and testing Facebook/Zendesk integration, I found that the issue was indeed fixed. Although there will now be more Facebook tickets created, the notification settings will now be in a better position to limit any missed customer interactions.

Additional Communication Issue

During this task, I learned an interesting fact about Zendesk’s communication with Facebook. For posts older than a week, comments seemed to not be turned into a Zendesk ticket. Per Zendesk, ”the Facebook integration will only pull in comments from standard wall posts for one week after its creation.” Zendesk further stated, “Facebook posts collect comments and will add it to the same ticket for a period of 1 week. After such timeframe, it has yet to include the functionality to link it to the original ticket or create a new one as mentioned here.”

 If all of that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, I totally agree.

This inability to create tickets for older Facebook comments was surprising, to say the least. While most Facebook tickets that our customer service agents will need to respond to will be newer than a week, it still amazes me that this happens. Now, I will have to inform customer service that they will need to occasionally ensure that there aren’t any missed Facebook messages/comments by searching on Facebook’s actual website, and not within Zendesk (which not doing so was the whole point of using Zendesk). I am now diving deep into Zendesk and Facebook to find a better solution to this issue and will share what I have discovered at a later date.


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