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Creating a VoIP Directory/Inventory List


At this point, I pretty much have 8×8, our new VoIP service, all built-out; the new hardware is in, all of our current employees are added, and I have spent many hours playing around with every setting. Now, while I wait for the actual install of the equipment at our new building, I am integrating 8×8 with Zendesk (our CSM), creating an 8×8 changelog, as well as assigning numbers to each employee, department, voicemail system, and auto attendant.

While employees can access the company’s phone directory from the 8×8 app itself, it is an excellent idea to create an external document containing the phone numbers, MAC IDs, serial numbers, and extensions assigned to each person/piece of hardware. In my case, I thought a Google Doc would be the optimal choice, as I have been adding all of the IT documentation I have created since I started working here in a shared Google Drive folder.

One of the most daunting tasks I faced when I first started at this company was documenting every single piece of IT hardware that they had in use, as well as adding each new item that came along. By creating a phone directory/phone hardware list, such as the one seen above, adding your VoIP equipment into your complete IT inventory list is as simple as a quick copy and paste. However, as nobody wants to spend a full day searching through your enormous IT inventory list for the VoIP equipment (would probably take a month with mine), having a separate file for your VoIP equipment is highly recommended.

Note: As I obviously didn’t want to share my company’s actual phone numbers and hardware/network IDs, I merely created some sample information (I know, I wish Michael Scott and Burt Macklin actually worked at our company).

Hope it helps.


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