8×8: Fine-Tuning


The new IT system is running on all cylinders, leaving an extensive list of ‘phase two’ items to be completed. Today, our new VoIP system 8×8 is my top priority. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in constant communication with 8×8 representatives to solve a variety of issues, ranging from old-to-new number porting to problems with sending voicemails to emails. Along with the difficulties I face, 8×8’s systems must sync with Zendesk, our CSM. For this post, I wanted to share some of my discussions with 8×8’s representatives; hopefully, this answers some questions that you might run into during your VoIP projects.

Uploading Zendesk Contacts into 8×8

One of the first issues I had was failing to load Zendesk’s contacts into 8×8; while this should be completed automatically, I later realized that Zendesk didn’t really have any phone numbers of our clients to begin with; this database would build over time. To quickly go over how to perform a contact upload in 8×8/Zendesk, see below.

Within the 8×8 Virtual Office app in Zendesk, simply ensure the highlighted option is turned on.

image (1).png

If the setting shown in the above picture doesn’t load your contacts correctly, contact 8×8/Zendesk for assistance. There is also an option to bulk upload contacts (accounts) in Zendesk. The other possibility is when a customer calls in, select the option “create an account” at the bottom, allowing you to create a new contact if they do not already exist within Zendesk; that contact would have to be established before logging and creating a ticket for that call.

How to properly set up the Customer Service voicemail? 

  • “Dial 500 From Any 8×8 Phone>Enter the Extension Number of Call Queue or Ring Group>Enter Password>Follow prompts to record the external voicemail.”
  • “Direct User Voicemail can be accessed by dialing 555 from their phone and entering their password.”

Until we get our three brand’s phone numbers ported over, we are using a single number that customer service is using. Attached to this number is an auto attendant, which then routes to a call queue. I have created a customer service voicemail (by using a ring group) that collects voicemails from customer service. Is this correct?

  • “Each Call Queue has its own voicemail box. When they are logged in, and the customer opts to leave a message, it’s going to route to that Call Queue VM.”
  • “The only time it will route to the Ring Group voicemail is if (ALL USERS) are logged out of the queue or on DND>queue is full>internet connection is down.”
  • “You will need to create a voicemail greeting for every Call Queue that was created.”

How can I have customer service emails get sent to an email/Zendesk? 

Should I create a user as “customer service voicemail” (with our customer service email address) to be able to attach it to Zendesk?

  • “Any person that is in a Ring Group or Call Queue will receive an email notification given their user profiles are set up to receive the notifications.”
  • ‘At least one person in the Ring Group or Call Queue should have an attachment sent to the email desired (in your case, the customer service email address.)”

How does customer service access their voicemails/check the voicemails for the entire department? I see how to do this with a user that has been created, but don’t know how to check them if the voicemail is from a ring group. Since the After-Hours Voicemail is a ring group, does it need a phone number attached so we can call it?

  • “They can check from the mobile app.“
  • “They can dial into their DID and hit either * or # and their password; this allows them to check voicemails in all Call Queues and Ring Groups that they are in.”
  • “If you want to dial from an external number, 8×8 would have to enable this on the backend and do a PBX restart.”
  • “You may also place a number on the Ring Group and call into that After-Hours voicemail.”

How do you increase the voicemail limit in your inbox? I see it is currently set to 40, but know that it can be increased to 80. Any way to do this? 

“Yes, I can increase it to 80 on the backend. It will require a PBX restart.”

Can we get more than 80 voicemails? If not, can we have it forward overflow emails to another voicemail or set a warning?

“This may be possible, but not from my end. I can reach out to our Tier 2; however, there may be an additional cost to that storage. I will get back to you on that.”

For our customer service voicemail, it currently says “you have reached voicemail box 102”, is there a way to change that to “Our Brand” or do we have to set up a recorded voicemail?

“Dial 500>Ext #>password and follow the prompts to record the greeting.

You can create a first and last name in the voicemail option use ‘Your Brand’ for that.”

One more thing, is there a way to change the department for auto-attendants/call queues? On the switchboard, it shows our customer service call queues are in the IT department.

“Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to the names for the auto attendants or call queues. It will always follow the user profiles; this is a bug and we hope to have it resolved soon, but there is no ETA at this time.”

We are setting up a large screen in our customer service bay to display real-time call data (who is on a call, who is available, general call details). Is there a paid version of something (Switchboard Pro) that can help us do this? There currently aren’t too many live-data options/views. 

“There is a video that was created on the 8×8 Academy. Take a look at the link and let me know if this helps.


I want to take a second to dive more into this question, as I have yet to find an adequate solution. As my company has four brands (three with a unique phone number) and each phone number/brand is separated into call queues (sales, service, etc.), being able to display each queue’s number of callers is vital to ensuring optimal operations in our customer service department. While I managed to locate how this data is collected and shown, I am unable to customize 8×8’s analytics to my liking. I am currently waiting for a phone call with 8×8 to discuss our options.


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