8×8 Questions/Answers and Server Rack Progress

The new IT build is coming to a close. This week, I am setting up the TV’s located around our three bays, making finishing touches on the network, and putting out some fires (8×8). Yesterday, our VoIP system decided to not work for a few hours, creating absolute chaos in our customer service department; the issue couldn’t have come at a better time, as we had an 8×8 phone called for that very same day to go over an extensive list of questions we had. To summarize what I learned during our 8×8 phone call, below is a collection of my questions and answers from the meeting.

8×8 Questions/Answers

General Voicemail

Since we have multiple Call Queue’s, I wanted to have all voicemails from them sent to three separate voicemail Ring Groups, so that we do not have to check each one. You had told me that you could check all voicemails at once (if you are in their queues), so I think I can eliminate the voicemail Ring Groups, if my current setup allows ANY voicemail to be sent to the Call Queue, instead of the Ring Groups. I believe I set everything up correctly so that nobody can leave a voicemail in the Call Queues, just get forwarded to the voicemail in the Ring Groups.

Current setup verified to be correct.

Voicemail Max

Thank you for increasing our Voicemail Max to 80, but is that for each voicemail box, or account wide? Price for a further increase?

Every voicemail has 80 max emails.

Voicemail to Email:

How to change the location of where voicemail-to-email email’s go?

Currently sending them to the personal emails of those in the Call Queue’s; I have already changed their emails to our customer support email address, but it did not work.

Without voicemail emails being sent to our customer support email address, no tickets are made in Zendesk.

Our voicemails will now be sent to our customer support email address, which is in Zendesk. Voicemails will not be sent to the voicemail box, just by email; this is verified to be working correctly now. Voicemails will now create tickets in Zendesk.

Caller ID:

How to get “Our Brand” on Caller ID instead of just the number? I changed the external caller ID on each user to say ‘Our Brand,’ and see that you can change it within the 8×8 desktop app, but it’s still not working.

Our Brand” will now be displayed as the caller ID for the entire company.

Connectivity Problems

Every phone randomly goes offline/unregistered. We are currently adding/opening up ports and such, but is there a better way to ensure this doesn’t happen?

Disabled “Enable Secure Real-Time Protocol” on every phone, as well as reset them. Per 8×8, this is the typical fix for this issue/with our specific brand/model of phone.

Separate TV Display for Call Queue Info

We have a large screen in our customer service bay to display real-time call data (who is on a call, who is available, general call details). A lot of this data is in the Active Call screen in Virtual Office Analytics; however, this screen isn’t live. Is there any way to see current active calls (those on hold in the queues) as live data? With this screen and the Display Status screen in Employee Report in Analytics, we have all the data we require but would like this to be on one screen. Custom metrics for analytics?

8×8 will be getting back to us with more details; however, the enhanced version of 8×8, Virtual Contact Center, might be the best option; this costs more and has more features than our 8×8 Virtual Office. Due to the price increase (not sure how much yet), we are looking at more affordable methods to get the Active Call screen to provide live updates.

8×8 App Questions

We have had some issues figuring out which instance of 8×8 Virtual Office our agents need to be signed into. We had our agents only using Zendesk’s 8×8 app, but it did not have a way for agents to mark themselves as available/unavailable. So, we had them switch to the 8×8 desktop app, and this seems to be better now. Also, I see that 8×8 has the app on the desktop phone as well, so which controls everything? How to operate?

I am sending Melissa an email to further address our questions.

Call Queue: Primary/Secondary Members

I know that Primary CQ agents will always be offered the calls first. It then rolls to the secondary if the primary does not answer, DND is on, or they are logged out. However, when we set everything up this way, it did not seem to work. Any tips?

Secondary members only get called if all primary members are offline, on a call, or set to DND. So, agents will need to mark themselves as DND when they are away from their computer.

Server Room/Rack Progress

Other than cable management and some equipment mounting adjustments, we have most of the rack put back together and finally got the AC exhaust hooked up and running (thank God.) There are some slight leaks on the exhaust that will need to be patched up, but otherwise fully operational. I noticed that the mounting brackets on the AC unit will need to be moved to move the whole unit back, since it’s sticking out to far for the door.

As you can see in images below, this new rack is quite the upgrade from our old one. With no cable management, cooling, or security, our previous rack was everything but sufficient for our needs. Our new rack is stored in a secured and cooled data room, and the rack itself features a fully-enclosed design, its own advanced cooling system, and enough battery backup to run by itself for longer than it would ever need to.





The rack we are using is the Rack Solutions 48U Rack-151, with the optional top-mount Fan Tray. For the rack’s internals, it is boasting a Tripp Lite SRCOOL7KRM and duct system for cooling, dual CyberPower PR2200 UPS, and two Cisco SG300-52P-K9-NA 52 Port Gigabit PoE Managed switches.


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