Zendesk Build 2.0


As mentioned before in a previous post, Separating/Viewing Sales vs. Customer Service Tickets in Zendesk, my current task has been rebuilding Zendesk into a simplified and efficient sales vs. service ticket routing system. Our new VoIP system has already been configured to place sales and service calls into specific call queues, allowing an agent to know what a call is pertaining to before they even answer the phone. By designing our entire telecommunication systems to identify and route our customer interactions based on their type, we will have detailed analytics and metrics to both view and apply to advancing our communication capabilities.

Today, I am preparing my Zendesk build 2.0 by carefully describing every change I will make after work; this build has to be completed overnight to not interfere with our customer service department during regular operating hours. In the following list, you will see how my previous Zendesk build merely routed tickets to agents based on their ticket types, such as Programming or Shipping inquiries; by routing it like this, it was impossible to get accurate data on which tickets were service or sales.

Zendesk Build 2.0 Changes- 5/20/19

Old Groups:

  1. 8×8 Voicemails- Leave
  2. Amazon- Leave
  3. CS Managers– Leave
  4. Customer Service Leave
  5. Default– Leave
  6. eBay- Leave
  7. Find My Remote- Delete, Route to ‘Sales’
  8. IT-Leave
  9. Negative Review Customers-Leave
  10. PayPal- Delete, Route to ‘CS Manager’
  11. Product Management- Leave
  12. Programming- Delete, Route to ‘Service’
  13. Return & Exchange- Delete, ‘Route to Service’
  14. Sales- Delete, Make New One
  15. SEMrush- Leave
  16. Shipping- Delete, Route to ‘Service’
  17. We Buy Key Fobs- Delete, Separate into ‘WBKF Sales’ and ‘WBKF Service’
  18. Web Dev- Leave

New Groups

  1. Sales- Jen, Hannah, Jessie
  2. Service- Jen, Hannah, Jessie
  3. WBKF Sales- Alisha
  4. WBKF Service- Alisha

 Final Groups

  1. Sales- Jen, Hannah, Jessie
  2. Service- Jen, Hannah, Jessie
  3. WBKF Sales- Alisha
  4. WBKF Service- Alisha
  5. 8×8 Voicemails- Alisha, Amanda, Hannah, Jen, Jessie
  6. Amazon- Amanda, Jen
  7. CS Managers- Amanda, Jen
  8. Customer Service- Alisha, Amanda, Hannah, Jen, Jessie
  9. Default- Everyone
  10. eBay- Amanda, Jen
  11. IT- Will, Chris
  12. Negative Review Customers- Amanda
  13. Product Management- Melissa, Jason, Corey
  14. SEMrush- Lexis
  15. Web Dev- Lexis, Chris

 Old Views

  1. CS Unsolved Tickets- Leave
  2. Your Open and New Tickets- Leave
  3. All Unsolved Tickets- Leave
  4. CS Managers- Leave
  5. We Buy Key Fobs- Delete
  6. 8×8 Voicemails- Leave
  7. Return & Exchange- Delete
  8. Shipping- Delete
  9. Find My Remote- Delete
  10. Programming- Delete
  11. Negative Review Customers- Leave
  12. eBay- Leave
  13. Amazon- Leave
  14. PayPal- Leave
  15. Unassigned Tickets- Leave
  16. Closed- Leave
  17. IT- Leave
  18. Product Management- Leave
  19. Web Dev- Leave
  20. We Buy & Sell Key Fobs- Delete
  21. Pending Tickets- Leave
  22. Your unsolved Tickets- Leave
  23. New Tickets in your groups- Leave
  24. Unsolved tickets in your groups- Leave
  25. Recently Solved Tickets- Leave
  26. Current tasks- Leave
  27. All Pending Tickets- Leave
  28. Solved in the Last 30 days- Leave
  29. Overdue Tasks- Leave
  30. Your Pending Tickets- Leave
  31. Rated Tickets from the Last 7 days- Leave

New Views

  1. Sales- Route to ‘Sales’ Group
  2. Service- Route to ‘Service’ Group
  3. WBKF Sales- Route to ‘WBKF Sales’ Group
  4. WBKF Service- Route to ‘WBKF Service’ Group

Final Views (CS Order)

  1. Unassigned Tickets (Only Viewable by CS Managers)
  2. PayPal (Only Viewable by CS Managers)
  3. Amazon (Only Viewable by CS Managers)
  4. eBay (Only Viewable by CS Managers)
  5. Negative Review Customers (Only Viewable by Amanda)
  6. CS Unsolved Tickets
  7. Your Open and New Tickets
  8. CS Managers
  9. 8×8 Voicemails
  10. Sales
  11. Service
  12. WBKF Sales
  13. WBKF Service
  14. Your unsolved Tickets

Old Triggers

  1. Auto-Set Default Priority- No Changes
  2. Tag: out-of-office app unassign trigger [System Trigger]- No Changes
  3. Ticket: out-of-office app unassign trigger [System Trigger]- No Changes
  4. Notify requester of received request- No Changes
  5. Notify requester of comment update- No Changes
  6. Notify Web Dev Group of Assignment- No Changes
  7. Notify Product Management Group of Assignment- No Changes
  8. Cancel Order Routing to CS Managers- No Changes
  9. Unsubscribe Emails- Change Group to ‘Service’
  10. Compatibility- Change Group to ‘Service’
  11. Find My Remote Routing- Change Group to ‘Sales’
  12. Request to Return or Exchange- Change Group to ‘Service’
  13. Programming Instructions- Change Group to ‘Service’
  14. Key Fob Quotes- Change Group to ‘WBKF Sales’
  15. Tickets created by an agent on behalf of customer- No Changes
  16. Tickets updated by the Requester who is also an end-user- No Changes
  17. WBKF Routing- Change Group to ‘WBKF Service ‘(Move trigger position so it fires before any trigger than routes tickets to ‘WBKF Sales’)
  18. Find My Remote Routing- Change Group to ‘Sales’
  19. Notify ChannelReply- No Changes
  20. IT- No Changes
  21. Product Management KERI- No Changes
  22. Web Dev KERI- No Changes
  23. Route Unassigned Tickets to CS- No Changes
  24. Verify Account Information, Contact Advantage Member Routing- No Changes
  25. eBay: Negative & Neutral Feedback Routing to CS Managers- No Changes
  26. eBay Automatic Reply: Please Leave Me Feedback Routing- No Changes
  27. Inform Chris of a New Ticket Assigned to Him- No Changes
  28. Shipping Routing- Change Group to ‘Service’
  29. Notify Will of New Ticket- No Changes
  30. tag- No Changes
  31. Info@ Tagging- No Changes
  32. PayPal Routing- No Changes
  33. PayPal Invoice Routing to Cory- No Changes
  34. Inform Cory of new ticket assigned to him- No Changes
  35. PayPal Invoice Routing to CS- No Changes
  36. eBay routing to eBay Group- No Changes (Possibly Route to ‘CS Managers’, or Allow other triggers to apply to eBay)
  37. Route Amazon to Amazon Group- No Changes (Possibly Route to ‘CS Managers’, or Allow other triggers to apply to Amazon)
  38. Auto-solve “You’ve replied to an address that cannot accept incoming email”, tickets- No Changes
  39. Auto-solves duplicate tickets from eBay- No Changes
  40. Auto-solve Your recent message was not delivered eBay- No Changes
  41. Auto-Close Specific eBay Tickets- No Changes
  42. Auto-Close Specific Amazon Tickets- No Changes
  43. Negative Review Customer Routing- No Changes
  44. 8×8 Voicemail Routing- No Changes

New Triggers

  1. TBD: Possibly create new triggers for ‘WBKF Sales’ & ‘WBKF Service’ to further separate the two. Currently, all WBKF ticket will route to ‘WBKF Service’ first, and ‘Quote’ tickets will be sent to ‘WBKF Sales”.


  1. BMW/Mercedes- No Changes
  2. DPI / OOS- No Changes
  3. Exchange – RSL- No Changes
  4. Exchange Processed- No Changes
  5. In Stock-Professional Program- No Changes
  6. In Stock-Self Program- No Changes
  7. Inform Requester That Their Ticket Has Been Open and Is Currently in Review- No Changes
  8. Inquiry – We Buy Key Fobs- No Changes
  9. Key Fob Quote WBKF- No Changes
  10. Local Locksmith Information- No Changes
  11. On-Board Programming Instructions- No Changes
  12. OOS-Spec. Order- No Changes
  13. Packing Slip & Shipping Label WBKF- No Changes
  14. Refund Issued- No Changes
  15. Return – RSL- No Changes
  16. Shipment Received WBKF- No Changes


  1. No Changes

SLA Policies

  1. No Changes








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