Polycom VVX 250: Tips and Tricks

With the vast majority of the work done for this build, I am now walking around looking for things I can improve. Tasks like adding our company logo to the new VoIP phones, wire management, figuring out what to stream on our break room TV, and reviewing our security practices, all need attention.

When it comes to our new phone system, the Polycom VVX 250 is most widely used, aside from our two upgraded conference room phones. While I have yet to explore too far into the capabilities of the 250, I have compiled a list of features I thought were pretty cool.

Screen Frame

Being the tech nerd that I am, customization of any device I come into contact with is a must. The default home screen on the 250 is dull, to say the least. So, what better way to throw a little personality into the phone than with a custom logo. In the image below, I used the logo for my blog as an example; however, I applied our company logo on each phone, company-wide, depending on which of our brands the phone is used with.


Since many of the setup instructions for these phones are relatively tricky, I was surprised to see how simple adding a custom home screen picture was. By merely loading images onto a USB drive, plugging it into the side USB port on the phone, navigating to Settings > Features > Removable Storage Media > Picture Frame, you will be presented with your available images. Now, choose the image you desire, remove the USB drive, and you’re done.


Another feature I found that can be changed is your theme. While you only have two options, Default and BroadSoft, the BroadSoft theme looks a bit better in my opinion. Note: I do not use BroadSoft for our VoIP provider; however, the theme still works. To perform a theme change, navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences, then select Themes. Now, select a theme and select Save. A screen will pop-up informing you that the phone needs to reboot. Select Yes to reboot your phone and apply the changes.

Screen Saver

Similar to how we loaded an image for the Screen Frame, you can enable screen savers on a Polycom VVX 250 phone as well. The screen saver function can either be utilized to display photos stored on the phone or the idle browser. Like most screen savers, the screen saver function starts after a specified amount of time. The screen saver can display a slideshow of default or custom images from your USB drive (custom photos can only be displayed with the USB drive attached). To enable and edit the screen saver feature, first, navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences. Then, select Screen Saver > Screen Saver Screen and then select Enabled. Now, you can select Wait Time to edit how long it takes for the screen saver to turn on. Finally, select which Type of screen saver you wish to use, and finally hit Save.

Final Thoughts

While I am sure there are many other impressive features of these phones, these three changes will definitely provide some personality for an otherwise boring piece of hardware.


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