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Example Document: VoIP Service Upgrade Proposal


Being the barrier between IT vendors and your superiors is an often difficult, however, critical skill to learn for anyone in the tech profession. Apart from deciding what products your company requires, budgets, and the allotted timeframe you have to work with, your main task is to decipher the ‘techno-mumble’ into a finely tuned sales pitch for upper-management.

Below is an example of the early beginnings of a VoIP service upgrade proposal. Note that I didn’t dive too deep into explaining each additional feature early on; demonstrating what we get with our current setup versus the upgraded plan is a job for a later date (shown below in ‘Second Step: Additional Information’).

First Step: Initial VoIP Service Upgrade Proposal

Hello all,

I just finished talking with Michael at 8×8 regarding upgrading our VoIP service. In the past few months, we have identified multiple features we would like to utilize, such as:

  • Call Back Features (Queued Callback)
  • Live Call Queue Data
  • Alerts for Missed Calls, High Call Volumes
  • General, Advanced ‘Call Center’ Features

After our discussion, we have come to the realization that to increase our customer service department’s effectiveness, we will have to upgrade the licenses of each customer service agent.

Currently, we are paying (with a previous discount), 24 ‘X2’ and 1 ‘X4’ Licenses. The X2’s are $22/per month/per user, and the X4 is $39/per month/per user.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features for each ‘X*’ License.

Michael informed me that the ‘X5’ License would provide all we are looking for, except the ‘Alerts for Missed Calls, High Call Volumes,’ which is not available in any of the options.

Note: We do not have to upgrade everyone to the ‘X5’ License, only those who will require it (Customer Service + any of our managers who wish to have it)

Michael reduced the price for the ‘X5’ License for us to $55/per month/per user.

So, if we wish to upgrade all of our customer service agent’s licenses to the ‘X5’, and add possibly 1 extra ‘X5’ License for Amanda or someone, we are looking at 6 total ‘X5’ Licenses; we will be replacing 1 ‘X4’ license and 5 ‘X2’ Licenses.

Price Breakdown:

 Current Cost-

5 ‘X2’ licenses: $22/per month/per user = $110/per month

1 ‘X4’ license: $39/per month/per user = $39/per month

Total: $149/per month

New Cost (If Approved by Our Management)

6 ‘X5’ licenses: $55/per month/per user = $330/per month

Total: $330/per month

Cost Increase: $181/per month

 Please let me know if you have any further questions for either myself or Michael.

Thank you,

Will Donaldson, IT Manager


Second Step: Additional Information

Next, we will want to prepare some additional information regarding the upgraded features we are receiving; this data can be presented in many different formats, but I prefer to have specific talking points and some videos to be used in a formal meeting.


8×8 Barge-Monitor-Whisper is a service that allows office managers/supervisors to monitor phone conversations of employees.


A third party (Supervisor) can silently monitor a two-party call made by or answered by an Agent on a conversation with an external party (Customer). No audible sound would alert the agent or the customer that the conversation is being monitored.


A supervisor silently monitoring a call between an agent and a customer can privately speak to the agent, without the customer hearing the discussion. When the whisper feature is activated, the supervisor can begin speaking to the agent. This is one-directional audio from supervisor to agent. The customer will not hear the whisper. Both supervisor and agent can listen to the customer.


A supervisor who is silently monitoring a call decides to enter the conference bridge, joining what then becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other.

Queued & Web Callback

 Eliminate long hold times and boost caller satisfaction. With Queued Callback, waiting callers can opt out of the hold queue—without losing their place in line—and receive a callback when an agent becomes available.

Configurable queue length—Once the queue reaches a predetermined length, callers are offered the queued callback option.

Opt out of queue—Customers are offered a chance to opt out of the queue and receive a callback instead, without losing their place in line.

Callback with screen pop—Once it’s the customer’s turn to be called, the agent is offered the call along with a screen pop with the customer’s information, and the customer is called as soon as the agent is fully prepared.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Improve the customer service experience.
  • Help customers find the information they need through self-service functions.
  • Identify who is calling and route them to the best available agent.
  • Give callers access to information even after business hours.
  • Provide value to your organization.
  • Lower costs by automatically answering common questions.
  • Easily manage your IVRs online for complete control.
  • Create custom schedules for holidays and special events.
  • Make changes to your IVR on the fly.

 Basic IVR: Easy-to-create menus, and simple self-service capabilities that allow the contact center manager the agility to keep up with changing requirements through simple edits to the IVR flow.

eIVR: A powerful, full-function IVR that can access data from multiple sources and support speech-driven applications.

 Contact Center, Service Quality and Supervisor Analytics

  • Instant Setup

Easy setup and instant configuration; get your contact center up and running within minutes.

  • Easy Administration

Gain better insight and oversight over customer engagement with powerful management tools to create the custom agent workflow and customer experience you need.

  • Inbound Calling

Efficiently route and answer incoming calls to your agents.

  • Predictive Dialer

Replace manual dialing for preview, progressive, and predictive dialing to maximize your talk time.

  • Web-Based UI

Beautiful web-based agent and administrator consoles empower your employees to do more without the need or hassle of installing software.

  • Visual IVR

It’s easy to create a flexible IVR solution for your contact center using our ground-breaking drag & drop visual IVR tool.

  • Skills-Based Routing

The IVR builder allows you to automatically distribute incoming calls to the team or individual who can best help your customer.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Enable better decision making with rich contact center analytics that covers customer information, overall activity, and agent performance.

  • iPad Monitoring App

Whether you’re walking the office floor or away on business, you can always access your real-time dashboard with status reporting and instant messaging from your iPad.

  • Call Recording

Save every call and play them back whenever you like with automatic call recording, pause and highlight, and cloud storage.

  • Call Monitoring

Listen to calls as they happen and provide one-to-one assistance with call monitoring, agent whisper, and call barge.

  • Integrations

Supercharge your Support Desk with the ContactNow for Zendesk integration and directly integrate voice capabilities into your ticket management system.

Third Step: Final Decision and Purchase

Finally, depending on the outcome of your presentation (if your company decides to move forward with your proposal), you will now speak to the vendor to finalize the agreement, sign any work orders/contracts, pay for the service, and begin the implementation phase.

Pro Tip: During every phase of this proposal, take notes of each event, store the vendor’s contact information, and maintain constant communication with both your company and the vendor; keeping everyone in the loop ensures nobody ends up getting blindsided by a hidden fee or unknown variable.


8×8. (2019). ‘VoIP Solutions.’ Retrieved from https://www.8×8.com.


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