8×8 X5/X6 Demonstration Questions


Early this week, I was tasked with creating a demonstration for the company of the advantages of 8×8’s more advanced licenses for our VoIP service. Since our previous plan, which consisted of X2 licenses and Virtual Office, wasn’t really designed for a customer service call center, the switch to 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center and the X6 license was something I have been pushing for a long time.

Yesterday, we had our company meeting with 8×8 and had the chance to check out what we would be getting with the substantial price increase of the new licenses and software (about $80 more per license, plus a $1500 implementation fee which came out of nowhere). It was pretty surprising when I learned about the implementation fee since we just paid one of those a few months ago when we initially started our contract with 8×8. While we are going to be using an entirely new app to control/monitor our phones now, you would think it would be cheaper as most of the groundwork is already completed with our existing plan. Furthermore, I will be the one building out the scripts and processes for the new Virtual Contact Center as soon as it is available for us to use (which I have already studied and created a step-by-step guide for); so, why do they really need $1500 for setup?

Well, before I start ranting, we will have our decision for 8×8 by the end of this week. It does indeed look like we are leaning more towards the X6 licenses, as long as either the price goes down, or the close to 2-month setup time (according to 8×8) becomes much, much shorter.

Below, are some of the questions I prepared for our meeting yesterday with 8×8; some of these inquiries are merely talking points, requests from management, or my personal thoughts.


  • What are we getting with X5 that we don’t get with X2/X4? What about X6?
  • Difference between Virtual Contact Center and Contact Now?
  • Separate app downloads correct? Data transfers over? How much work does it take to set up correctly?
  • Queued/Web Callback demonstration
  • Live Call Queue Data (we currently have to refresh the Analytics screen)
  • Alerts for ‘X amount of calls on hold’ or ‘X amount of calls missed’
  • Who really needs X5 or X6? Each CS agent, managers, IT?
  • I was told I could get $10 off per user for X5, what can you do for me for X6? (if we decide to go that route)
  • Are we able to send people a phone survey after they are on a call? Post-Call Survey (X6)?
  • Method to sort call queues based on priority? (not who gets the call, but routing to the actual call queue based on importance)
  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper demonstration
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) demonstration
  • Contact Center, Service Quality, Supervisor Analytics (X5), and Customer Experience Analytics (X6)- How is this different than 8×8 Analytics Essentials, which we already have?
  • Outbound Predictive Dialer demonstration (X6). Just for sales?
  • Post Call Survey demonstration
  • Would like a readily-available tech contact for this phase. Wasn’t too happy with our old one.
  • Regarding getting the names displayed on the Polycom VVX250’s, when I go to the Virtual Office application on the phone, it just displays extensions and not the employee’s names; is there a way to change that?
  • We currently use Zendesk, what kind of changes will the X5/X6 license hold for us? Better integration? Are any of these features available to Zendesk as well, if so, that might be a better option for us.



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