Weekend Projects


Over the weekend, we decided to finish up a few tasks around the office. While many of the more significant projects are complete, there are still plenty of finishing touches that need attention, such as wire management, installing ducting on our server rack, and hooking up a few white noise machines around our multiple bays. Below, are some progress pictures I took while surviving on caffeine on an early Saturday morning.

Testing PC Placement Options

Since we have new motorized standing desks, I have been testing different options for mounting or placing our desktop computers. Many of our PCs are mid-size, so they take up a decent amount of room compared to the mini-PCs we use in our warehouse. One option, seen below, is a Humanscale CPU600; this mount seems to meet all of our criteria, swivels, has sturdy materials, and is relatively inexpensive.


Warehouse Wire Management

The mini-PCs in the warehouse undoubtedly have the most wires and additional hardware at their desks; due to this, making everything look pretty is a lengthy process. This week, I will be continuing tidying up each workstation’s cables during lunch, pray for me.


Rack Progress

There are still some items to mount and wires to manage, but the side panels are finally starting to go on. Currently, we are researching some methods to extract heat into the ceiling via the top-mounted fans; there are several top-mount exhaust ducts on the market, but why buy one when you can build it?

64223979_2424391887804325_8459067964988063744_n (1)

Rack Ducting- Rack Cooler

The back ducting for the rack cooler is complete, efficiently routing hot air into the ceiling.



White Noise Machine Install

This project was new to me as I have never installed one before. If you are unfamiliar with what a white noise machine does, well, it makes white noise (gasp). The device generates a low hum noise, similar to an A/C unit, which helps eliminate the noise from the warehouse. As a lover of background noise or music when I fall asleep, the white noise machine is quite the improvement at work.

We got everything hooked up without dying, somehow (the ceilings are very high). The machine itself hangs off the same position as one of our Cisco WAPs. As you can see, we are still waiting to see how close we want the machine to be to the ceiling/desks; once we figure that out, we can wrap the cable around the chain to make everything look better.



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