8×8 ‘Virtual Contact Center Admin & Configuration’ Course


This week, I am taking 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center Admin & Configuration course to better prepare me for my new role as the admin of our company’s Virtual Contact Center (VCC). As I’ve mentioned before, the training involved with upgrading our X2 and X4 licenses to X6 is non-negotiable and quite costly ($1500); the course is taken online, led by an instructor, and provides hands-on activities covering subjects like terminology, building tenants, security, roles, dial plans, Contact Center codes, and creating Wallboards.

The Virtual Contact Center Admin & Configuration course consists of two 4-hour classes. Yesterday, I completed day 1 and can say that while I didn’t really learn anything new, I now feel more comfortable with the entire program. The teacher for the course was very supportive, and the Adobe Connect software we used for the webinar was both easy to use and provided many helpful features (virtual hand-raise!)

While the material we covered yesterday was more aimed at the basic operations of 8×8 VCC, I am hoping today’s class will get more in-depth, discussing the numerous security options and advanced scripting.

The method that 8×8 utilizes to teach you how VCC and Virtual Office (VO) operates is pretty interesting. The class was given an example company, which has specific call center needs, and were instructed to build out 8×8’s software to allow for call routing based on the fictitious business’s schedule, departments, and employee skill level. Step by step, we were told to bulk upload employees using a CSV file, assign phone numbers, design the call flow, apply pre-recorded greetings via WAV files, and then finally test the finished product by calling the company’s main phone number; these steps were each introduced with some light reading and an instructor-led demonstration.

Here is the basic design of Adobe Connect’s display which is used for the instructor’s presentations. The work the student performs is on separate downloaded documents and websites. (please ignore the messy wires, I had to quickly set up everything).


8×8’s courses, when purchased, are for one person only; however, I ended up having another IT member stay in the conference room with me during the class to help retain some of the information. I also used the Windows 10 Xbox App to record the entire thing for future use (might as well milk everything I can out of a $1500 class).

Overall, besides the fact that our A/C is being upgraded (it was 82° in our conference room during the meeting), the first day of Virtual Contact Center Administration and Configuration was a success. I was worried about taking the course with about nine other classmates due to anticipating my learning speed might be held back by their questions or connectivity issues; however, I was glad to see that they, for the most part, solved these problems beforehand.

I am now preparing some questions for the final class; I was informed it would most likely not take the entire four hours, leaving some time at the end for discussion. It looks like today will be even warmer out, around 95°, so send some prayers that I survive.


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