8×8 Virtual Contact Center: Battle Plan


We are now well under way with our 8X8 X6 license upgrade, which includes the use of Virtual Contact Center. Having just completed an 8-hour VCC Admin and Configuration class, I now have a better understanding of how the implementation and training process will look. The following meetings have been setup to enhance the communication between our IT department and management, including some brief talking points.

Design 7/10/19
Quick rundown of call scripting and how the call process works. (5min)

Call Queue Priority (15min)
1. Go over Priority for each queue.
2. Which Agents in each queue?
3. Create a rough queue map.

Queued Callback (15min)
1. How long before the feature is offered to the customer?
2. What do we want this message to say?

Post Call Survey (PCS) (15min) if we run short on time this item may be moved to next week
1. When should the customer be offered this option?
2. Should this be end of call or callback?
3. What is the content of this survey?
4. Handling process for these.

1. To be discussed next week

Question (10min)

Setup 7/17/19

Review from previous week’s meeting (10min)

Call Queue Priority (10min)
1. Are the settings we chose correct?

Queued Callback (10min)
1. Are the settings we chose correct?

Post Call Survey (PCS) (10min)
1. Are the settings we chose correct?

Wallboard (15min)
1. What info/options do we want to display?
2. Do we want alarms/alerts?
3. Is there anywhere else we want this info displayed?
4. Do we want separately-built Wallboards for different people?

Questions (5min)

Training 7/24/19

Review from previous week’s meeting (10min)

Training for you guys on the 4 main topics and the use of Contact Center both as a user and as an admin. (20min)

Discussing Agent training. (20min)
1. Groups or Individual
2. Scheduling the times/availability
3. Priority/Structure

Questions/Concerns. (10min)

Implementation 7/31/19

Review from previous week’s meeting. (10min)

Discuss how we want this to go. (10min)

What are the foreseen issues? (5min)

What could go wrong and how to deal with it? (10min)

What concerns does everyone have? (5min)

Handling of PCS information? (5min)

What kind of feedback do we want from the agents? (5min)

How are we going to handle that feedback? (5min)

Other questions/concerns? (5min)

Agent Feedback 8/7/19

Discuss the info gathered from all agents on their experience with Contact Center.

Are there changes that need to be made?

How are we going to handle new employees and their training with Contact Center?

Additional questions/concerns?

Additional Features 8/14/19

Discuss additional features that are included with our X6 Contact Center.

Are there any of these features that we may want to use?

How/where will we use them?

Moving forward.

Discuss X7 and X8 versions, what’s included with them, and do we need any of those features?

Wrap Up 8/21/19


Are we at a point where we can say that this implementation is WRAPPED UP?

Do we need any additional meetings on this or added features?

By creating a detailed schedule and informing those involved in the meetings of what will be discussed, our IT team can ensure that the 8×8 Virtual Contact Center design, build, and implementation stay on task and meet the allotted time-frame.


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