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Tech Tuesdays


Today, we held our first ever Tech Tuesday since we moved to our larger location. Due to the busy schedule as of late, we haven’t been able to pay much attention to new IT projects and issues. Now that the move is pretty much complete, we will hold weekly meetings covering a variety of IT-related topics. Apart from getting ready for our 8×8 Virtual Contact Center meeting tomorrow, in which we will begin to train management on the new VoIP system, I have been instructed to perform several tasks before our next Tech Tuesday next week. Below, are a few of my current assignments.


As many know in the world of IT, getting your employees to make tickets of their problems, instead of venting to you on your way to the bathroom about their keyboard not working, can be quite the challenge; to combat this, as well as develop a more advanced accountability and reporting system, we will be rolling out many changes to our IT ticketing system within Zendesk.

Before now, I have not been creating tickets for IT-related issues and fixes. Instead, I have just been keeping an external list, in the form of a changelog, for both 8×8 and Zendesk. To kickstart the IT ticket project, I will spend the next few days inserting all of my previous and current IT tasks into tickets in Zendesk; since my Zendesk changelog is around 18 pages long by itself, this assignment will take some time. Along with my already-built changelogs, I will have to comb through both my personal work and IT emails to find any IT-related work I have completed, which will then be added to Zendesk in the form of a ticket.

Since this is just the beginning steps of creating an advanced IT ticketing system, I will ensure that I take some time to develop the process for collecting and saving data. Within Zendesk, I will create fields and forms which will auto-collect data, as well as provide drop-down boxes to allow our IT team to effortlessly indicate whether a ticket is a hardware or software issue, if it is a mission-critical problem or merely a quality of life improvement, as well as the total time and cost involved in the solution.

In the future, our employees have been informed to try to only use emails, phone calls, or (hopefully) tickets when reporting a problem or idea. Furthermore, they should follow the chain of command, first sharing their possible IT ticket with their manager, which will then report back to me.


We briefly discussed allocating a monthly budget for IT, something that hasn’t happened since we moved locations; this news was quite the morale booster, as there are several tech goodies that I would love to implement.

New Projects

Currently, we have multiple smart TVs located around our building, displaying and using a variety of data and apps. For example, as mentioned in a previous post, the TV in our Customer Service department shows real-time 8×8 data, which includes agent statuses and the number of customers in the call queues.

During our meeting today, we have decided to add seven more smart TVs in our warehouse, including four in our warehouse manager’s office; similar to how it is handled in Customer Service, these TVs will display real-time shipping/receiving data.

By next week, we need to come up with a plan of how to connect these TVs (Chromebit, hardwired, or virtual machine), since the original building plan didn’t include them.


While I have created and shared an 8×8 cheat sheet with the company with instructions on how to set up their personal voicemails on our new phones, as well as physically taught a few coworkers on how to do it, I will need to go around and ensure that their greetings and voicemail messages, both internal and external, are working correctly.


Overall, I am glad to see our company getting back to normal day-to-day operations after such a busy couple of months. Now, with the introduction of Tech Tuesdays and our weekly 8×8 training meetings, IT is back in the minds of all.


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