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Yesterday, my boss asked if I could find a method to intercom or page the entire company at the same time; so, if he wanted to locate an employee who wasn’t at their desk, he could quickly get in touch with the individual.

While the paging feature isn’t present on our phones itself, it is available within the 8×8 Virtual Office app in them.

I have since created the paging group, J.J.’s Company-Wide Intercom, using the Paging section in 8×8 Virtual Office; this will page every phone within our company and allow J.J. to communicate with them. Currently, I have only enabled myself (for testing purposes) and J.J. to be able to broadcast. Everyone else will be able to only receive pages.

How to Create a Paging Group in 8×8 Virtual Office

To create a Page Group, simply navigate to the home screen in Virtual Office Config, select the ‘Paging’

icon at the bottom right, then ‘Create Paging Group’ at the top right, and finally fill out the name and users of the group.

How to Use a Paging Group in the 8×8 Virtual Office App on a Desk Phone

For reference, we are using Polycom’s VVX 250 VoIP phones, but the operations are similar on other devices.

To use this feature, in the home screen on your desk phone, select the ‘More’ button at the bottom right of your display (shown below).


Next, select the ‘Paging’ button using the left-most button below the display (shown below).


Finally, select the paging group you wish to use (shown below); once this is complete, you may start talking.

20190711_082457 (1)

 You can make up to 25 of these Paging Groups, as well as set them as different priorities: Normal, Priority, and Emergency. So, in the future, I will most likely create a Customer Service Paging Group for our Customer Service Manager, as well as one for Marketing and our Warehouse.





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