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Tech Tuesday: #2


I just finished my second Tech Tuesday here at work and can already tell that we are making progress on many fronts. For a quick summary of what we discussed today, here are some tasks that I need to complete this week.


Last Tuesday, I mentioned how I was in the process of using the ticketing system I built for the company to start logging IT tickets; the first step of this process was to backlog all of my IT interactions. As of today, I have around 90 general IT tickets, not including 8×8 and Zendesk tasks and issues (those each have many pages of entries). Now, I am just waiting for some of the other IT members to send me their recent jobs so I can convert them to tickets as well.

During our meeting, we had the chance to go over all of the IT tickets and discuss those which seem to be reoccurring. After some time with tickets flowing, we should begin to have some detailed metrics to analyze and apply to our IT practices.


This week, I designed an intercom system for our boss to use to quickly locate someone in the building by talking through each phone at the same time; while this is working great, it seems to not apply to those who are using a headset. So, I am now searching for a workaround which would allow for the intercom/paging system to apply to everyone, regardless of which device they use for sound. I didn’t get to mention it during the meeting, but I think I will create a few other paging groups, such as for the warehouse, marketing, customer service, and a company-wide emergency alert system.


The work with Zendesk never ends. With the introduction of a substantial number of incoming IT tickets, there are some issues that need to be addressed. Such as:

  • Excluding Internal Tickets from Auto-Close Pending Automation.
  • Possibly creating a tagging system to better identify IT tickets, metrics, and data.
  • Giving the IT Routing Trigger some love to better facilitate web dev/IT/product management routing.
  • Excluding tech@ email address from all other CS-related tickets.
  • Removing Zendesk Surveys from internal tickets.

Amazon/Solid Commerce

I was informed that there was an issue with the communication between Amazon and Solid Commerce this morning which led to a few missed orders; apart from the initial heart attack, I quickly located the problem (expired token) and found the solution (enabling a new token). Simple enough. All orders that we didn’t ship due to the error were manually taking care of, so everything is fine.

Speaking of Amazon, when I first built and integrated Zendesk into our company, I used a service called Channel Reply to communicate with eBay and Amazon for us, through Zendesk. Today, we saw that some of the notifications Amazon sends out need to go to different email addresses, so in the coming days, I will work closely with our managers to discuss some options.


Since last week we decided to add seven more smart TVs in our warehouse, four of which are in our warehouse manager’s office, we got together to show our plans for placement. The TVs have been ordered, mounting locations have been decided on, and we are now only waiting to get in touch with the contractors to figure out power.

Random Tasks Due This Week

By Friday, we need to get cables wraps done; our wire management isn’t the best right now since we installed the new monitor and PC mounts last week. Also, I need to ensure that everyone’s voicemail is set up on their phone. I’ve already sent out reminders and instructions once more; soon, I will walk to each desk to verify everything is in working order.

This week is looking pretty good, so far; hopefully, I will not be needed this weekend for anything. Next week, I am going on a much needed short vacation, so you won’t hear from me much (tragic, I know). As always, thanks for reading!


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