8×8 Virtual Contact Center: Live Demonstration


Today (7/30/2019), I have been frantically getting everything ready for tomorrow’s 8×8 VCC demonstration to my company. Aside from staying in customer service most of the day to create a list of issues, further developing our IT ticketing system, and dealing with some other tasks that have been backed up since my vacation, I have finally finished the VCC scripts. Speaking of enhancing our IT ticketing system, I created this helpful guide for our employees to follow (in the rare cases where they submit them).


For a short summary of today’s work: I have updated the VCC scripts in config manager, created four survey scripts and added to their respective key prompts, removed the menu object and replaced that with a get digit object, updated the callback queue for each key option to have its own callback queue, messed around with the different outbound queue for the callbacks, and was able to copy four of the main scripts for the various entities that exist.

During the last few hours of the day, I began preparing for my demonstration of the new VoIP system to the company tomorrow; in this meeting, I will test call every queue, opt for the callback feature, as well as show how the automated surveys work. In my first few tries of calling a queue (in which I assigned my personal extension to), I received the call on the 8×8 VCC portal, but not on my desk phone; I believe this was just due to a setting I forgot to edit, so I will have to check over my work again.

The Meeting (7/31/2019)

I got to work earlier today to make the finishing changes to VCC. I was correct in my thinking that the issue I had yesterday with the calls not going to my desk phone was something trivial. After spending a few hours troubleshooting, I found a little option to make a verification call through your agent portal (which literally verifies the communication between VCC and your phone). Overall, the meeting was a success and ran into no problems showing everyone a live setup of our call flows for each of our brands. Before our next meeting, in which we will focus on what the agent uses or sees in VCC, I have the following to accomplish:

  • Change each callback option to only fire once.
  • Change the initial menu to not automatically offer the caller a callback option, and instead, just loop the menu (we need clear selections of where their call is guided to get detailed analytics and data).
  • Remove all voicemail options from the initial menus (telling the caller they can press 0 to leave a voicemail).
  • Attempt to change the ‘inform queue position’ option to either not fire if they are first in the queue or merely not say “your position in the queue is 0”.
  • Remove the 3 ‘Say’ fields (Inform Queue Position > Queue Position > Survey Option).
  • Move the “Say Queue Position” down to under Loop > Time Interval.
  • Remove Queue Timeout from every queue.
  • Edit Loops to Max time- Remove the 5000-second queue timeout > loop “We Are Busy” message starting at 60 seconds, then 2-minutes.
  • Add in a callback from this current number > press 1 or enter a phone number (currently only asks for phone number).
  • Add schedule under each queue. Basically, we wish to know what option the caller picks even if we are closed; they will be informed we are closed after they enter the queue.
  • Change the 0-1 Survey to 1 or 2.




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