8×8 Virtual Contact Center (VCC): The Day Before We Go Live


Today, I have my final video call with 8×8 to answer some questions before we go live tomorrow. Also, after presenting my work on this project to our managers, I will begin training our customer service department during lunch. Over the past few months, the upgrade from 8×8 Virtual Office to VCC has been quite a substantial undertaking, filled with long hours and many headaches. The call scripts are massive, the largest being 50+ pages long; while they were difficult, I couldn’t help but enjoy how closely they resemble programming: everything from focusing on the order of operations to understanding how each section of the script, no matter the location, communicates with one another.

As I still have a few hurdles to leap over before I flip the switch, today’s call with 8×8 is vital to the success of the entire project. Yesterday, I sent our 8×8 representative a few questions, and below, are his responses.

I just tried to test everything with two phones connected for the first time. When I called a queue, it would ring to one phone, and if nobody answered it or I rejected the call, the call would just go to that person’s voicemail instead of being put in the queue or ringing to the other phone which was available at the time; I tried this with each call script and had the same results. 

If you reject the call through VO desktop, you are forcing the call to VO voicemail. Best practices are if the agent received a call but are not ready to handle the offered transaction, you would want to let the call ring out. The action once the interaction offer time-out is reached is to send the call back into the queue, thus placing the VCC agent’s status to break.

We are supposed to go live Wednesday morning, can you check out if everything is set up correctly?


(Thank God!)

I see that when I am logged into the 8×8 VCC app in Zendesk, it auto-logs me out after some time; is there any way to edit or remove that?

VCC does not have a session timeout setting. Can you verify in your Zendesk settings if any session timeout is set? If the Zendesk session expires, then VCC will also expire.

How do extensions work with both VO and VCC? Does each agent in VCC need to have a VO license as well? What is displayed on the phone? Currently, I have both VO and VCC licenses set to me (and only see the VO extension on the desk phone). When we go live, we want customer service to use their old VO extensions in VCC, so their extensions stay the same. I was having issues with just using the VCC license and no VO license (It didn’t give me the option to activate a desk phone with the MAC ID, unless I selected “VCC Dedicated Extension”, but doing that made my desk phone lose a channel, as well as the “New call, Redial, Callers, More” buttons at the bottom of the home screen.

If you do not want to use your 8×8 VO license phone number, you can update the workplace phone on the VCC agent profile to where you would like to route the VCC call.

Finally, once everything is working correctly, we were wondering if you could tell us what the process is for going live with VCC. Any other steps besides just reassigning the phone numbers from VO to VCC?

No other steps needed. Once we swap the numbers to VCC, you will begin taking calls in the VCC application.

Final Thoughts

If this project is a success, our business’s customer support abilities will be significantly advanced and open up business capabilities and sales opportunities that we didn’t have access to before. The best part about this upgrade is that it would only take one extra sale a month to pay for each upgraded VCC seat; anything extra will be pure profit. When I first joined the company right out of college, they were using almost primitive methods of telecommunications with no accountability, reporting, or call/email/ticket systems. Now, I can confidently say that we are now enjoying the fantastic benefits of modern-day technology. We have a finely-tuned ticket/email platform with Zendesk and an advanced VoIP system with 8×8; not only do both of these provide an extensive amount of added features and quality-of-life improvements, but they also communicate with one another and even create tickets automatically based off of phone calls! Wish me luck that everything goes well today. I will be coming to work early tomorrow to turn on VCC, and hopefully, I will be patting myself of the back shortly after (or tearing my hair out).


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