8×8 Virtual Contact Center: Day 1 Fun


The launch of our upgraded VoIP system was a success! Arriving early to work yesterday allowed me to test out several of the features and experience the new process of call routing firsthand before our customer service agents arrived. So, while there were a few issues at the start, they were resolved shortly after. The porting of our phone numbers from our old Virtual Office auto-attendants over to our new VCC call scripts was completed overnight and the only real problems that I ran into was a few buggy verification calls and some license work: we will have to add a few VCC X6 licenses due to not having enough ‘concurrent’ seats (basically, how many agents can be logged into the agent GUI at the same time).

Today, I am hard at work fine-tuning all of our call scripts, notification settings, continuing my training of our agents, as well as progressing with Zendesk/8×8 integration. Our 8×8 phone calls, voicemails, and live chats automatically create tickets, which then compiles excellent data to be used to enhance our sales numbers, customer experience, and make me look good (just kidding). So far, here are a few high priority items that need my attention, and a few that have already been solved. Hopefully, this information will help you properly command your own VoIP/CSM rollout.

In Progress:

 8×8 Direct Extension Greeting Changes: High Priority

“Edit Scripts, upload new sound files. The direct agent extension needs to be added to the intro sound file on each script.“

Drafted new intro’s and sent to Amanda for recording. Edited scripts to have the direct agent VO extension.

8×8 Voicemails: Normal Priority

“See if you can edit what the voicemail email says. 8×8 voicemail tickets are coming into Zendesk correctly and separated by brand; however, the format in which they come in looks odd.”

Have not found a way to edit what voicemail tickets say, but still looking.

 8×8 Caller ID: High Priority

“Figure out how the outbound an inbound caller ID works and edit it. Inbound calls are coming in with the caller ID of our brand, not the customer’s phone number.”

In progress.

Zendesk: Auto-Close 8×8 Call Tabs Normal Priority

“While 8×8 call tickets automatically set themselves as closed, the actual tab remains open; figure out a way to auto-close them.”

In progress.

Incoming Calls – Two Rings: High Priority

“Inbound calls only ring/beep twice before it is a missed call. Can we adjust that?”

In progress.

 End Calls: High Priority

“Agents have to click on ‘end call’ to end every call. Is there a way to get calls to automatically end when a customer hangs up?”

This could be due to the survey at the end of the call.


8×8 Voicemail Routing Within Zendesk

At this point, I have received two different voicemail tickets in Zendesk from 8×8, both having a separate subject line; due to this, I had to edit the trigger I created to apply to both. I also went ahead and added each brand-specific email address to each brand’s voicemail queue, thus allowing voicemail tickets to be identified and sorted by the brand which they represent.

Sales/Service Outbound Calls

Each of our brand’s phone numbers/call scripts/queues are separated by whether they deal with a sales or service transaction; this allows us a greater snapshot of how our phone lines are used, how to increase our sales numbers, and where our weak points are in our ticket flow.

At the launch of VCC, I only created a single outbound queue for each brand (which is used for our new queued callback feature). After some consideration, I created new sales/service outbound queues and edited each call script to reflect the changes.

Further Training

Like any new software introduced, there are always training roadblocks; VCC has been no different. I sat down in customer service most of the day yesterday to quickly address issues in real-time and to, more importantly, serve as a stress-reducer for the agents. Today, I ensured that CS could log in to their agent GUIs before they arrived to work and will continue to offer support for the remainder of this week.

Closing Thoughts:

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the success of the launch, but the battle isn’t over. Over the next couple of weeks, we have several meetings to review what we have done and how to do it better. Also, we will begin to discuss the many additional features we can add, such as live chat, broadcasting, and data reports that are automatically sent out to our managers.


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