8×8 VCC: First Week Live Results


Our upgrade to 8×8 Virtual Contact Center has been live for a week now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I just finished a meeting to recap the changes that have been and need to be made, as well as explore the many additional features we can soon implement. Now that I have finally have some free time, I’m working on building a VCC changelog, similar to the changelogs that I created for Zendesk and 8×8 Virtual Office; proper documentation is what makes a competent IT professional into an extraordinary one!

This will be somewhat of a short post as today’s meeting added many additional tasks to my agenda, but I wanted to share some statistics comparing the week before we launched VCC to this current week of going live. The data isn’t exactly precise, as there are many factors involved, the most significant being the fact that today (the last day of the first week live) isn’t over yet. However, if the results continue to grow in this manner, it is safe to say that our desired 90% of calls answered goal will be reached, similar to how we scored our 99.9% SLA touchdown with our work in Zendesk.

8×8 Virtual Office: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 – Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Total Inbound Calls: 2068 (80%)

Total Outbound Calls: 295 (11%)

Total Ext2Ext Calls: 230 (9%)

Total Answered Calls: 1472 (57%)

Total Missed Calls: 1121 (43%)

Total Abandoned Calls: 661 (32%)

Total Voicemail Calls: 427 (11%)

Average Ring Time: 00:00:03


8×8 Virtual Contact Center: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 – Tuesday, August 21, 2019

Total Inbound Calls: 2151 (82%)

Total Outbound Calls: 354 (14%)

Total Ext2Ext Calls: 108 (4%)

Total Answered Calls: 1894 (72%)

Total Missed Calls: 719 (28%)

Total Abandoned Calls: 490 (19%)

Total Voicemail Calls: 229 (9%)

Average Ring Time: 00:00:05



To quickly summarize the data, our inbound calls increased but had little effect on average ring time. Our outbound calls amplified as well, due to our new queued callback feature (thus reducing the number of voicemails we receive). Finally, our answered calls increased by 15%, missed calls decreased by 15%, and abandoned calls dropped by 13%. Since the data is from our very first week working with the new call scripts, call flow, and having our CS agents utilize an entirely new GUI, I expect next week’s improvements to be even more satisfying.





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