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Tech Thursday: Ticket Review (Presentation/Format Guide)


Hello all. Today, I am preparing for our Tech Thursday meeting, where we will discuss the previous week’s IT tickets, new/complete projects, and briefly go over the results of our 8×8 VCC launch. A significant amount of time will be spent summarizing the week’s IT tickets, looking for repeating issues, solvable problems,  potential hardware/software upgrades, and formulating plans for the following week.

To make this process easier for the other non-IT managers (who don’t necessarily use our ticketing software on a daily basis), I have compiled a list of solved and unsolved tickets that have been created since our last Tech Thursday meeting. To help facilitate the steady and uninterrupted flow of communication, I have attempted to make the format of my presentation both straightforward and detailed. Shown below, is the document (with sensitive information deleted), that I am currently working on.

As you will see, I included the Ticket Priority Level Cheat Sheet I created a few weeks ago, as well as color-coded each ticket with their designated priority level. I have also ensured to enter the name of the ticket, what the ticket pertains to, and the solution to the ticket (if it has been solved). You will also notice that I added the name of the individual who submitted the ticket so I can address any questions that arise in the meeting to the correct individual.

Tech Thursday: Ticket ReviewUntitled

  1. 31600 – voicemail came into CS Managers- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“Customer Voice Message left on 08/14/2019 03:39:48 PM/-0500 from CLID +1xxxxxx for 28 sec (DAA).”

Fixed. Added that subject line to the 8×8 Voicemail trigger.

  1. Figure out data/metrics reporting. Create daily reports to be auto-sent to Amanda, Chris, etc.- High Priority (Will)

Was an issue with permissions. The person needs to be set as a supervisor to read data. Fixed now.

  1. IT Asset Management- Normal Priority (Chris)

“Start thinking about the next phase of IT asset management. I already created a spreadsheet, need to update.”

In Progress.

  1. 31795 – this came in under the voicemails group- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“I recently placed an order for a key fob on a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee but received two receipts with separate order numbers. I assume I hit the back button and submitted the order twice.”

Fixed. Edited 8×8 VM trigger.

  1. Fwd: Important information about your listings on Amazon.com- Normal Priority (JJ)

“We are contacting you because we have temporarily removed the ASINs at the end of this email for potential misuse of trademarked terms on a product detail page.”

In Progress. Multiple Tickets.

  1. Endicia for CS- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Can you please install Endicia on Michelle and Loni’s computers? They need to be able to print labels. I would also like them to be able to use SolidShip. Please make sure that is installed correctly on their computers (I know it isn’t on Michelle’s)”.

Jason H.- Yes, I will get this done.

  1. Handset Unregistered- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

 “Working at Jens desk has allowed me to see how many times her phone still goes unregistered. It does it so much I can’t keep track. I don’t know how she is able to take calls at all. Please look into this. Maybe the fastest resolution to this issue is to swap her handset with someone who doesn’t use the phone as much. (shipping?)

Please consider this as a high priority ticket. If possible, I would like a resolution by the end of the day today so that she can take all calls as of Monday.”

Just made a change, her phone should now reset. If this doesn’t help, Jason H. will have to add her IP to the whitelist.

8. Ensure that each user’s secure real-time protocol is disabled in VO- High Priority (Will)


  1. Queued Callback Issues- High Priority (Amanda)

“Customers are not entering 10-digit callback numbers. Check each script to ensure it informs them that it is wrong and give then another chance to enter it.”

Edited each script’s callback function to inform the caller that their entry is invalid if they do not enter a 10-digit number. Also, I edited each script to loop the callback function if too many invalid entries are made or if the selection is empty.

  1. Re: Jen- Computer Fan Post Error- High Priority (Jason H)

This is occurring again. I will be ordering replacement fans.

  1. Fwd: 8×8: Steve G.’s 8×8 Notices- High Priority (Amanda)

“Steve is receiving “connection closed, it looks like you opened a new session” notifications.”

In Progress.

  1. Create a status code for outbound calls; same principle as busy, but just to designate what they are actually doing- Normal Priority (Jason H)

In Progress.

  1. Jason F.: Download and Install Software on Key Tablet: Urgent Priority (Jason F)

Installed and Updated.

  1. New Receiver Setup- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Install PC on new receiver station.”

Installed monitors on the mount, PC, all wires, and power strip. Awaiting further instructions (where the data wire is coming from, if we are using a top-mount storage shelf like the rest, etc.) No top-mount storage shelf is going in. Need to cut and attach data cable, move the computer to the lower section of the desk (will probably require longer HDMI cables), and then finally clean up the wires.
Got data cable cut and installed, computer moved to lower shelf, cables wrapped, and software updated. This station is done.

  1. New Schedule WBKF- Urgent Priority (Jason H)

“Create 8-5 Schedule for WBKF, add in Script.”

Schedule Created, Added to KERI Script

  1. Amanda: 8×8 Call Access- High Priority (Amanda)

“Grant Amanda access to the group, 8×8 Calls.”

Granted her access to group and view.

  1. Auto Assign Web Dev Tickets to Lexis- Normal Priority (Chris)

“Is it possible to get tickets that route to the Web Dev Group to Auto Assign to Lexis?

Two tickets hit that group that came from JJ and never received a response (I’m handling them). I presume it’s because they didn’t get assigned to Lexis, so she didn’t see them in her “My Tickets” view and potentially didn’t get an email about them. “

Yeah, Lexis hasn’t been using the Web Dev view (only operating out of her New/Pending Ticket), as well as not assigning the tickets to herself; I edited the trigger to auto-assign all web dev tickets to Lexis.

18. Internal Tickets- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“Ticket #33444 – came into the Default group. That group still shows up in CS Unsolved Tickets.”

She did not claim the ticket as WebDev/Lexis, Chris said he was going to show her how to do this properly. I might be able to make a trigger that auto-assigns tickets that she creates to Web Dev, but if she ever made a ticket for another group, it would still assign it to Web Dev. 

  1. !!HIGH PRIORITY!! Michelle – 8×8 Login- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Michelle is unable to log into 8×8.”

I was logged in while she was trying, thus using up all of our VCC seats. In the future, I will ensure that I am logged out before they come into work (adding another license would also work.)

  1. Create VCC Changelog- Normal Priority (Will)

Done. Currently updating newer entries.

   21. Fwd: Important from Solid Commerce: Inserting Amazon Order Failed- High Priority (JJ)

“This is an automated Email notification from Solid Commerce regarding your account Keyless Entry Remote Inc.
Warning: SKU:xxxxx is missing in Amazon order xxxxxx. Order inserted without inventory mapping.”

In Progress.

  1. Verify WBKF Schedule High Priority (Chris)

“Verify that the new schedule for WBKF in VCC is 8-5 and not 9-5.”

It was already correct.

  1. Available Phone Numbers- Urgent Priority (Chris)

“Email Chris list of available phone numbers for WBKF.”

Here are our current available phone numbers in 8×8: we can also claim different ones with a specific end/beginning number and area code.

24. Direct Agent Extension: Preferred Customers- Normal Priority (JJ)

“Compile some methods to allow a preferred customer to gain easier access to queue or to a specific agent.”

In Progress.

  1. New Wallboard- Normal Priority (JJ)

“Figure out a way to combine all queues on the wallboard into one for easy viewing.”

In Progress.

  1. 8×8 Surveys- High Priority (Chris)

“Teach Amanda how to access surveys.”

In Progress.

  1. 8×8 Call Disposition- Normal Priority (Chris, JJ)

“Figure out what data we want agents to collect, how to collect it, and what to do with it.”

By using Zendesk, we will need to create a CS-specific form to be completed at the end of a call. By using VCC’s auto-generated data, along with user-entered information, these forms should provide us a wide-range of useful customer/business intelligence.

In my opinion, we should make the process as simple as possible. Instead of having an agent type entries, I would recommend using drop-down menus and clickable boxes.

  1. Additional Features- Normal Priority (Chris)

“Pick three features we want to look at from the packet.”

In Progress.

  1. N-Able Technologies Invoices- Normal Priority (JJ)

“Jason Hamilton, can you please make sure you review these invoices and make sure they are correct monthly, then submit an expense record to me…”

In Progress.

  1. Fwd: Introducing new Voicemail Transcription feature- Normal Priority (Will)

“Voicemails from VO extensions can now be transcribed into text format via email.”

Followed the steps to activate it and the final step was to contact 8×8 Support, which I’m doing now, currently in a Live Chat. 
Unfortunately, this only works with VO extensions, not call queues or ring group voicemails. It looks like it may be a feature eventually though. They will be resetting the PBX tonight to make the changes. He assured me that the reset wouldn’t mess with anything else.
Enabled the Notification Only setting in each user’s profile and tested the new feature. Unfortunately, it still isn’t working so I have another ticket open.

  1. New WBKF Phone Number- High Priority (Chris)

“We’ve settled on xxxxxx  for the new WBKF Phone Number.

Can you get that set up?  Set the scripts up to the number, have Amanda record the welcome message, etc. Don’t actually push any customers calling into WBKF to that new line yet.  I think its best if we build this as a standalone and have all of our i’s and t’s dotted and crossed before we do anything that would impact a caller, Alisha, or Amanda’s reporting. In other words, don’t make any changes to the existing call scripts or routing for the xxxxxx number.

Shoot me a reply when it’s set up and ready to be reviewed and we’ll get together and go from there. “

In Progress.

  1. Update new 8×8 Contact- Normal Priority (Will)

“I reached out to Zendesk to acquire the information about our new sales rep, since our previous one was reassigned somewhere else.”

Talked with her last night. Need to update our Vendor Contact Google Doc/Sheet.

  1. Voicemail Transcriptions- High Priority (Will)

“I am following up regarding enabling voicemail transcriptions.  This has been enabled for your system.  Please note that in Configuration Manager each user profile must have “Notification” set to “Notification Only” under “Voicemail settings” as detailed in the below KB.”

Each user profile has been edited to have the notification only selected for voicemails.




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