8×8 VCC Recap and Additional Features


I just finished up a meeting to go over this past week’s progress with our new VoIP system, 8×8 Virtual Contact Center. Since the go-live date, everything has been working well with only a few minor headaches. Now that the bulk of my massive to-do list is complete, we will be discussing what we are going to do next.

Below, are a few of my talking points.

To Do:

  • Phone # list to Chris for separate # for WBKF
  • Work on Sum of All Queues Wallboard
  • Amanda and Chris to review the PCS Data
  • Test the Supervisor features for training by next week’s meeting
  • Chris to build out a schedule for Zendesk
  • Verify that the new schedule for WBKF in VCC is 8-5 and not 9-5.


  • Compile some methods to allow a preferred customer to gain easier access to a queue or specific agent.
  1.  A preferred customer can jump ahead of a queue in a few different ways. First, by just having the direct extension of the agent they are trying to reach, the caller can enter it and skip the queue.
  2. We could create an inbound queue which isn’t announced in the standard greeting; by informing a preferred customer of this hidden option, they could then select it and be in their own personal queue used by preferred customers.
  3. With Pro and Ultimate Plans, 8×8 Intelligent IVR can connect callers to the best-fit agents or departments by allowing them to simply speak the person’s name or department; this uses AI.
  4. Preferred customers could also chat with agents instead of using the queues.
  • Figure out a way to combine all queues on the wallboard into one for easy viewing.

Have not found a way to consolidate queues yet into one dashboard.

  • Figure out how to access survey info.


  • Figure out what data we want agents to collect, how to obtain it, and what to do with it.

In Progress. By using Zendesk, we will need to create a CS-specific form to be completed at the end of a call. I have already made multiple forms. By using VCC’s auto-generated data, along with user-entered information, these forms should provide us a wide-range of useful customer/business intelligence.

In my opinion, we should make the process as simple as possible. Instead of having an agent type entries, I would recommend using drop-down menus and clickable boxes, indicating whether the call was sales or service and for the collection of internal notes.

I am still researching VCC to see if there is something they already provide which can do all of this.

  • New WBKF Phone Number

It is now live.

  • WBKF Script Greeting Change

Changed the greeting to say “Thank you for calling WBKF. If you know your party’s extension, please press 1, or please hold for the next available agent.”

  • WBKF Greeting

Added a greeting to option 2 in the WBKF script.

  • Edit KERI Script for new WBKF phone number

Changed the KERI script to have choice 3’s option Open and option #2 to forward to an external number.

  • Build Marketing Script

Built the marketing script and now have it forward to the new WBKF script.

  • Voicemail Transcription

Enabled for everyone except CS; they were having issues with receiving emails regarding call info that wasn’t voicemails, into their email. I have a ticket open for the problem.

  • 8×8 Business Intelligence

Was unable to save reports, opened a ticket, and received instructions on how to do this.

I have also begun the process of updating my IT Inventory List that I created shortly after I joined the company. As I have been so busy with the move to the new location, I have yet to add-in new hardware or remove the old. I need to have our warehouse inventory done by the end of this week, but only have two workstations left. Wish me luck!


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