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Tech Thursday: Ticket Review and Inventory Project Update


It’s that time of the week again for Tech Thursday’s ticket review. Today, I am preparing for my meeting my compiling a list of current and solved tickets, as well as getting ready to share my progress with my newest project: updating my IT Inventory Spreadsheet. Since I have already inventoried the entire company’s IT hardware and software, along with many non-IT items, I need to simply update my list with our current setup since we moved.

As always, the tickets below have all sensitive information replaced with fictional data.


  1. Voicemail Transcriptions- Normal Priority (Will)

“I am following up regarding enabling voicemail transcriptions; this has been enabled for your system.  Please note that in Configuration Manager, each user profile must have “Notification” set to “Notification Only” under “Voicemail settings” as detailed in the below KB.”

Ran into problems with running it with VO and VCC, going to disable.

  1. Warehouse/Jason F TV’s- High Priority (Will, Jason F.)

 “Figure out how to get TV’s to stay on and not go to sleep; they are not operating on a Chromebit, merely the TV-based browser.”

Went through and disabled the hidden sleep function on each TV by remoting in and changing a couple of the command lines in each.  Now each TV will stay on regardless of what we’re putting on them.

3. Monitoring Calls- High Priority (Amanda)

 “I was able to figure out how to monitor calls; I just need help with the last step. When I select “Start Monitoring” my phone should ring. It does not. Can you please look into this?”

Sent link on how to do this.

  1. WBKF Script Changes- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Can I change the greeting to say “Thank you for calling WBKF. If you know your party’s extension, please press 1, or please hold for the next available agent. Going to need to redo the script and enter the new WBKF INTO Preferred.”

Finished, tested, and verified.

  1. X2- Fwd: Important information about your listings on Amazon.com- Normal Priority (JJ)

“We are contacting you because we have temporarily removed the ASINs at the end of this email for potential misuse of trademarked terms on a product detail page.”

Assigned to Chris.

  1. TV’s- Urgent Priority (Jason F.)

TVs in my office will automatically turn off after 5 or 10 min. Can you have them stay on until I want them off?”

All TV’s have been fixed, and the screens will now stay on until they are powered down.


  1. 8×8 Business Intelligence- High Priority (Amanda)

“I am unable to save reports. According to the 8×8 help page, there should be a list of folders to choose from when saving a report. When I open the save box, it just says loading and no folders appear.”

Sent document on how to do this.

  1. Toner Replacement: Marketing- High Priority (Alisha)

“Need to replace the toner cartridge in the Marketing printer (one in the wall divider).”


9. Jason’s Computer- Normal Priority (Jason F.)

 “This black bar comes up randomly on my right monitor from time to time. It is only with the Google Chrome application that it does this.”

This issue is pretty standard; there are a few ways to fix it.

First, I would try to get rid of the black bar for the session by entering full-screen mode and exiting it again. Just tap on F11 to enter Chrome’s full-screen mode and F11 again to exit it.

You can also try disabling hardware acceleration by opening chrome://settings/ in the Chrome address bar, scrolling down and clicking on advanced, and toggling “Use hardware acceleration when available” to off under the System category a bit further down the page.

Users could try and install driver updates for the video card if available.

Let me know when you want me to come to your desk to see if I can figure it out, but I think simply entering full-screen mode and exiting it again, by tapping F11, would be the best bet.

  1. Call Details- High Priority (Amanda)

“I haven’t been able to see call details for the queues. I would like to be able to see the same information that used to be found in the VO Analytics Extension Summary. Let me know if you need more details on what I am looking for.”

What information are you looking for exactly? To get call details, such as total accepted,

rejected, etc. Follow the instructions below. I am still waiting on a response from 8×8 about

reporting; once they fix it, we should be able to get this data from there as well.

In 8×8 VCC Agent Console, go to Business Intelligence, then on the left-hand side, select the

dashboard icon (right below the home image). From here, select Agent Group Queue Service Dashboard. When you scroll down, you will see

Queue Performance by Time Chart, and can edit which metric you wish to view.

  1. Tickets in the Wrong Group- Normal Priority (Amanda)

 “All of these tickets were in the CS Managers group this morning and they shouldn’t have been. 34630, 34634, 34644, 34652, 34653, 34654, 34666, 34673, 34674, 34690, 34701, 34718, 34762, 34783, 34792. 34794. 34797. 34799. 34800. 34802. 34803, 34817, 34822, 34823, 34839, 34849, 34850, 34851, 34853, 34854, 34855, 34858, 34862, 34870, 34871, 34878, 34896, 34904, 34946, 34886.”

34630- Added ‘starter not working’ to Service Trigger (He misspelled starter)
34634- Not sure what I can add to a trigger to catch this one without effecting others.
34644- Where do you want ‘KERI Contact Us’ tickets always to go? Don’t think I can add the comment text since it is from Cognito forms.
34652- Same response as 34644
34653- Same response as 34644
34654- Customer didn’t speak English.
34666- Added ‘problem with my key fob’ to the Service trigger.
34673- Added ‘I wanted to order; to Find My Remote trigger (Sales)
34674- Same response as 34644
34690- Customer didn’t speak English
34701- Added ‘Question about locksmith cost’ to Find My Remote trigger (Sales)
34718- Added ‘Cancel this order’ to service trigger.
34762- All ticket data was entered in the title, nothing in comments. Added ‘Are your keys cut so they start the car?’ to Find My Remote (SALES).
34783- Only 3 words in entire ticket, but added ‘Went another route’ to Find My Remote (Sales)
34792- Added ‘provide a key fob for a’ to Find My Remote (Sales)
34794- Added “
Order Status” to Service trigger
34797- Added ‘Can’t program new fob’ to service trigger
34799- Added ‘Can you help me in getting this?’ to Find my Remote (sales) trigger
34800- Added ‘ordered fob from another company’ to Find my Remote (sales) trigger
34802- Added ‘can’t program’ to compatibility trigger (Service)
34803- Added ‘will not program’ Service trigger
34817- Added ‘order just the batteries’ to Find My Remote trigger (Sales)
34822- Nothing I can add to a trigger.
34823- Added ‘unable to program’ to Service trigger.
34839- Added ‘programmed at the dealership’ to Find My Remote (Sales) trigger.
34849- Same response as 34644
34850- Added ‘Cancel this order’ and ‘cancel this’ to trigger, Service
34851- Added ‘order has shipped but not received’ to Service trigger.
34853- Added ‘remote will not work’ to Service trigger.
34854- Added ‘valet key will not start the car’ to Find My Remote’ trigger (Sales).
34855- Same response as 34644
34858- Not sure what to add to a trigger to catch this one.
34862- Not sure what to add to a trigger to catch this one.
34870- Added ‘take us off your list’ and ‘stop sending these to us’ to Unsubscribe trigger (Service).
34871-Added ‘Please stop sending these’ to Unsubscribe trigger (Service).
34878- Added ‘Please remove me from your list’ to Unsubscribe trigger (Service).
34896- Added ‘mailing address’ to Service trigger.
34904- Added ‘already bought it’ to Find My Remote (Sales) trigger.
34946- Added ‘Do you have a key fob for a’ to Find My Remote (Sales) trigger.
34886- Added ‘wouldn’t take the program’ to Service trigger.

  1. Edit KERI Script for new WBKF phone number- High Priority (Chris, Amanda)

 “Need to edit the KERI script to have choice 3’s option Open and option #2 to forward to external number by tomorrow morning.”

Complete, tested and verified.

  1. 8×8 Call Outcomes- Normal Priority (Chris)

 “Trying to sketch out how we might best disposition phone calls (tag/log outcomes of calls) and saw that 8×8 has a feature called “Call Outcomes” that seems to do just that.

Can you check and see if this is something we have access to with our current package?

I don’t want to activate anything.  Just want to see if this is an option before weighing its features/functionality vs what Zendesk has to offer.”

ContactNow is not something we are currently using; it is a separate app. I would recommend using the Zendesk forms we can create.
By using Zendesk, we will need to create a CS-specific form to be completed at the end of a call. I have already made multiple forms. By using VCC’s auto-generated data, along with user-entered information, these forms should provide us a wide-range of useful customer/business intelligence.
In my opinion, we should make the process as simple as possible. Instead of having an agent type entries, I would recommend using drop-down menus and clickable boxes, indicating whether the call was sales or service and for the collection of internal notes.

I am still researching VCC to see if there is something they already provide which can do all of this.

  1. Fwd: Call 08/26/2019 01:23 PM- High Priority (Amanda)

 “All of the CS Agents are getting these emails (call transcription) in their personal Gmail Inbox.”

Currently, have two tickets open with 8×8 until I figure this out.

  1. Re: Call 08/26/2019 01:23 PM- High Priority (Amanda)

 “CS Agents are still getting these emails. Jessie and Steve for sure.”

This problem is due to us using both VCC and VO. I just got off the phone with 8×8, and they are going to just disable Voicemail Transcriptions for us. After that is compete on their side, I will disable it in VO.

  1. Voicemails- Normal Priority (Amanda)

 “Voicemails are coming in assigned to Hannah. Can you please change them only to be assigned to the voicemail group and not an agent?”

“Edited Voicemail trigger to not assign to anybody.”

  1. Jen McCarthy – Keyboard- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Jen McCarthy needs a new keyboard. Jason has tried to “fix” it several times, but it still works intermittently.”

Replaced, tested, verified.

  1. Tickets in the wrong group- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“5495, 35496. These tickets went to the Service group and were assigned to Hannah. They should have been assigned to CS Managers and Jen.

35291, 35548, 35549

These tickets are the tickets I sent to Tech. They were in the Service group assigned to Hannah.”

Made several changes fixing these issues.

  1. Tickets in the wrong group- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“35463 – this should have been routed to CS Managers and assigned to Amanda.”

Added ‘exclude Finance Application’ from Subject Text and Comment Text.

20. Tickets in the wrong group- Normal Priority (Amanda)

“35593 – this was in Service and assigned to Hannah. It should have went to WBKF Sales

35598 – this was in Service and assigned to Hannah. It should have gone to WBKF Sales.”

Made several changes fixing these issues.

  1. Build Marketing Script- High Priority (Chris)

“Need to build out the marketing script and have it forward to the new WBKF script.”

Completed, tested, and verified.

  1. WBKF Greeting- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

“Need to add a greeting to option 2 in the WBKF Script.”

Added to script, tested and verified.

23. WBSKF Service Queue Question- High Priority (Amanda)

“I just wanted to confirm that calls to the WBSKF Service queue are being routed to WBKF. I am looking at the list of calls to that queue from the 14th to yesterday, and it appears they are going to KERI Service. Can you please make sure these are routed correctly?”

For the WBSKF script, option 1 (sales) forwards to Sales-WBSKF and option 2 (service) forwards to WBKF.

  1. New Phone Setup: CS Conference Room: 401- Urgent Priority (Amanda)

 Need to swap out the conference phone for a regular one. Ext 401.”


  25. Warning- High Priority (JJ)

I noticed an icon in my system tray, opened it up and this is what it was:”

There have been some issues with the latest update causing computers to crash, so I’m waiting for another patch to come out before I push this update out to all the computers.

  1. Add Group and SLA- High Priority (Amanda)

 “Can you please update the Returns group to Returns/Exchanges and add an SLA of 30 mins (within regular business hours) to that group?

Any emails with the subject line KERI Exchange Request – or KERI Return Request – need to go to this group.

Please let me know when this has been completed.”

We don’t have a Returns group; do you want me to make one? Return group with only Hannah in it, with emails with the subject line KERI Exchange Request – or KERI Return Request, and finally an SLA of 30 mins?

 Older Than Last Week
  1. N-able Technologies Invoices- Normal Priority (JJ)

“Can you please make sure you review these invoices and make sure they are correct monthly, then submit an expense record to me…”

I will get these reviewed and submitted after the first of this next month, and every month following, also to include the backdated ones.  I’m going to keep this ticket open for now until those are submitted, and then I will close.

  1. Additional Features- Normal Priority (Will)

“Pick three features we want to look at from the packet.”

Chat, FAQ Knowledgebase, Web Callback.

  1. New Wallboard- Normal Priority (Chris)

 “Figure out a way to combine all queues on the wallboard into one for easy viewing.”

 Have not found a way to consolidate queues yet into one dashboard.

  1. Direct Agent Extension: Preferred Customers- Normal Priority (JJ)

 “Compile some methods to allow a preferred customer to gain easier access to queue or a specific agent.”

A preferred customer can jump ahead of a queue in a few different ways. First, by just having the direct extension of the agent they are trying to reach, the caller can enter it and skip the queue. 
We could create an inbound queue which isn’t announced in the normal greeting; by informing a preferred customer of this hidden option, they could then select it and be in their own personal queue used by preferred customers.
With Pro and Ultimate Plans, 8×8 Intelligent IVR can connect callers to the best-fit agents or departments by allowing them to simply speak the person’s name or department; this uses AI.

Preferred customers could also chat with agents instead of using the queues.

  1. IT Asset Management- High Priority (Chris)

Focus on Warehouse first. Copy and paste from old Network Inventory sheet on Google Drive. Get all serial numbers and everything (go hard). Also, create a top-down map of each location and what is assigned to it.

In progress.



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