Graphs/Data Since Launch of New Ticketing Software


I was asked last Tech Thursday to provide some data regarding IT tickets using the new software I built for the company. By using Zendesk Explore, I can effortlessly provide time-specific and customizable data in the form of graphs, spreadsheets, percentages, and even export to an Excel document. Below, is a collection of IT ticket data since the launch of the new system; this information is separated based on three different date ranges: all-time, two weeks ago, and this past/current week. Sorry for the poor quality of the images).


IT ticket data pic 1IT ticket data pic 4IT Ticket data pic 2IT ticket data pic 3IT ticket data pic 5
This Week (8/29-9/5)

IT ticket data pic 6IT ticket data pic 10IT ticket data pic 8IT ticket data pic 9IT ticket data pic 11

Last Week (8/22-8/29)

IT ticket data pic 12IT ticket data pic 15IT ticket data pic 13IT ticket data pic 14IT ticket data pic 16



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