Creating a Transaction Code Report in 8×8 Virtual Contact Center


Per yesterday’s post, I was in the process of determining the best procedure to collect post-call data in the form of a call disposition process. I have since decided to use 8×8’s native transaction codes to gather the necessary information and had a chance to test its functionality last night. I enabled the feature for a specific customer service agent, then proceeded to monitor the entire post-call process; the results of the test were satisfactory, providing our agent with a simple and efficient method of indicating whether the sales call was complete, and if not, the reason why. If the call was from a service queue, the agent was able to choose multiple options, which all define the result of the call, such as: won’t program, ordered wrong item, received wrong item, defective, or no longer needed.

During the test, I had an agent select the code, sale completed, after completing her call, which came in through a sales queue.

Now that the system is verified to be working, how can one access this data? In this post, I will demonstrate how to create and view reports using 8×8’s Reporting feature, accessed through the VCC Agent Console.

To access transaction code data through the VCC Agent GUI, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into VCC Agent GUI using Zendesk or 8×8’s Application Webpage.
  2. Click on ‘Menu’ at the top left of the console.
  3. Select ‘Report.’
  4. The window for Historical Reporting will now open.
  5. Scroll down the list of Available Reports until you see “Detailed accepted transactions with wrap up codes’, ‘Detailed outbound transactions with wrap up codes,’ and ‘Transactions grouped by wrap up codes.’
  6. Select the report you wish to view. For this demonstration, I have selected ‘Transactions grouped by wrap up codes.’
  7. Next, input the date range you wish, and either run or save/run the report.

I have attached an excerpt from the ‘Transactions grouped by wrap up codes’ report from yesterday, below. As you can see, the transaction code, ‘Sale Complete,’ was used once (during our test).

Since the agent was the only one who tested this feature and she only used one code, the rest of the codes do not appear (at least on this report).

Blog A.JPG

By creating and viewing call disposition reports, we can add this transaction code data to our existing call detail metrics and analytics, thus increasing our top-down view of the entire customer service and sales telecom experience.



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