Zendesk Guide Launch: Self-Service & Knowledge Base


A few minutes ago, I launched a new method for employees to submit tickets, Zendesk Guide; as an addon for Zendesk Support, this new feature will help facilitate internal tickets, route them better, and provide a self-help portal for our managers.

We purchased Guide this morning and I had everything built-out within minutes; I can’t believe how easy it was. The design process is quite similar to the system I used to design this website on WordPress. While the fonts, colors, images, and logos are merely for testing purposes, in the future, I will have a more finished product. If I want added customization, I can edit the theme’s code in CSS or just purchase a new one.

Below, is what the homepage on the website looks like.


The next image shown is the ‘Submit a Request’ page; this page uses the web widget form I created in Zendesk Support, thus creating a ticket in Zendesk, routing it to the appropriate department, marking it with its priority level, and even has the option for uploading a file.


With Zendesk Guide, the real magic happens when customers can utilize the portal to find answers to their questions with AI, read articles, and even communicate in a forum. In this phase, I am merely building the stepping stones for the rollout of Guide for end-users, but it is safe to say that our customers are soon in for a treat.

I will be sharing my full review of the product in the next coming days.


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